Customer Engagement Survey 2016

At NCFE we love to hear your feedback so that we can continue to improve our services and build relationships with you.

At NCFE we're committed to making your experience as an NCFE customer the best ever by delivering excellent customer service, employability solutions and innovation in awarding which results in outstanding value for you, all our learners, centres and the Further Education sector. To support this, each year we carry out a Customer Engagement Survey to get your feedback on how well we're delivering the service you need.

2016 survey results

Our sixth Customer Engagement Survey was distributed in September 2016 and we’d like to say a big thank you to all of you who completed it!

Click on the picture below to see our full results infographic.


To find answers to frequently asked questions as a result of our survey, please see our FAQ pages.

you said, we did

Since the last survey we’ve continued to work on our product range and improve our relationships with customers so we can be the best for you.

In response to your feedback we’ve:

  • launched over 280 new products in support of your curriculum needs, including our fantastic V Certs and new substantial qualifications as part of the Study Programme for 16-19 year olds
  • reviewed, evaluated and maintained over 100 of our existing qualifications
  • expanded the range of unit programmes available for standalone registration and certification – we now have over 500 unit programmes available in our portfolio
  • continued to increase the number of NCFE qualifications that the Skills Funding Agency has approved for public funding in 2015 to 2016 – we now have over 150 qualifications on the 2015-2016 Simplified Funding Rates catalogue
  • secured UCAS points for over 30 of our Level 3 qualifications, which also includes our new Creative Media suite
  • rebranded and made the following improvements to our Functional Skills offer:
    • qualification specifications have been made clearer
    • amplification guides have been updated and are perfect for you to upskill your colleagues
    • summary sheets have been updated and provide an overview of the key areas of delivery
    • we've changed our Functional Skills ICT online assessment platform to improve functionality
    • improved our turnaround of Functional Skills results to 6 working days
  • created an interactive Qualifications Explained tool on our website which explains the difference between the types and levels of qualifications and what their progression opportunities are
  • introduced our simplified online approval form and increased our turnaround of approvals from 5 working days to 5 working days for new centres and from 3 working days to within 1 working day for existing centres!
  • increased our sampling of Moderators to ensure reports are standardised
  • added an online form for replacement certificates which is sent straight through to our Processing Team to make this quicker and easier for you
  • improved our guidelines and support for reasonable adjustments
  • increased our offer of training without the need to leave the workplace and improved our policy and funding updates with interactive webinars
  • expanded the range of learning resources for our qualifications, including introducing our Digital Books to support our substantial qualifications
  • introduced the option for a support visit for centres offering V Cert qualifications
  • hosting regular webinars for schools exams officers on how to manage the administration of V Cert learners
  • refined our guidance on how to request an additional or support visit from your External Quality Assurer
  • reviewed and updated our ‘Welcome to NCFE process’ with new support materials and introductory calls from your Customer Support Assistant
  • reduced the notice period for booking external assessments from 15 working days to 10 working days
  • segmented our website into our 5 core customer groups to help you can find the information that is most relevant to you more easily
  • re-developed our Qualification Finder to make it easier to browse our portfolio online and find the qualifications fit for your needs
  • created a new Help and Support section on our website which answers the most common queries we receive – we're also in the process of creating a more comprehensive and user friendly help area
  • made the following improvements to the Portal:
    • changed restrictions on allowed email address domains for users
    • fixed issues surrounding withdrawn learners when using Online Certification
    • updated the Manage Users Screen and LRS admin user Screen
  • expanded our Business Development Team to make sure we always deliver what's needed and introduced post-appointment evaluation surveys to review and improve our service
  • reduced our timescale for responding to email queries from within 1 working day, to within the same working day (or the next working day if received after 3pm)
  • improved the targeting and timeliness of overall communications and we’re still working on this so we can make sure we’re getting the right information, to the right people, at the right times for you