The REED NCFE Partnership offers a flexible solution for colleges and universities looking to support their students from learning into work.

REED NCFE Logo JPG We have the skills and expertise to equip your students for the labour market, help them to secure a job and track their progress after leaving college or university.

The REED NCFE Partnership’s aim is to ensure colleges and universities are recognised in their communities for providing students with a smooth transition from learning into work.

  • accurately identify employability strengths and weaknesses and measure distance travelled
  • equip students with the right mindset and skills to enter the labour market
  • help students secure a job in the hidden labour market
  • maximise your Apprenticeship numbers
  • track students’ progress into work and other destinations
  • optimise your learner destination outcomes
  • maximise the funding available to your organisation
  • enhance your organisation’s employability reputation with learners, employers and other stakeholders.

For many people, getting their foot on the first rung of the career ladder is the most important, yet hardest, step to take. Competition for jobs is so fierce that it’s a step which currently one million young people have failed to make when leaving education. 

To give people the best chance when entering the labour market, it’s essential they have the right skills and mindset to appeal to potential employers as well as realistic expectations for their first job. We believe that the partnership of REED and NCFE can equip students to take this tough step from learning into work.

You can find out more about REED NCFE on our Youtube page.

If you'd like to contact REED NCFE please call 0191 605 3300 or email [email protected]