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Our strategy

At NCFE, we’re on an exciting journey to maximise our contribution to delivering a fairer and more inclusive society through education. Here we’re sharing our strategy that will enable us to achieve this overarching goal.

Our vision

As an educational charity that has reimagined and reinvented our organisation many times over our rich 170+ year history, we’re now embarking on the next phase of our evolution and development. It is not an overstatement to say that the next 5 years of our story will be pivotal for the next 170 years.

However, as we change and grow, we will continue to be centred on making a difference for those who matter most - our beneficiaries. What will change is the scale at which we deliver impact, as we have ambitious ideas and plans and the position and resources to do more. Therefore, we must.

Our vision is of a world where everyone has the opportunity, means and motivation to access the highest quality learning experiences. We want to enable as many beneficiaries as possible to experience truly transformational learning experiences, over a lifetime, that enable them to fulfil their potential in their career and life more broadly. To do this we need to better understand our beneficiaries, their context, their opportunities and their challenges.

We must learn more about what does and can work within the context of a dynamically, and sometimes unpredictably, changing world.

Our brand story

Our vision is of a world where everyone has the opportunity, means and motivation to access the highest quality learning experiences.

Our brand story
Our purpose, strategic objectives and outcomes

Our core purpose is to promote and advance learning to help create a fairer society.

To achieve our core purpose, we have developed 5 strategic objectives that provide guidance and a framework for all activities across our organisation.

The outcome statements reflect the activities that are aligned to each of our strategic objectives, and will ensure that we’re all working towards the same goal.

1. Developing deep and credible insight into need

We use our deep understanding of the needs of learners, communities and the economy to focus resources on making the biggest difference.

2. Creating brilliant qualifications and content

We develop and deliver brilliant learning content that equips educators with the skillsets and resources to deliver the highest quality, transformational learning experiences.

3. Assessing learner need, progress and attainment

We are market leaders in the forms of assessment we specialise in, using advanced analytics to create richer, more personalised, lifelong learner journeys.

4. Cultivating a purposeful and high-performance culture

We cultivate a purpose-led, collaborative, vibrant and high-performance culture where our people are connected with and aligned to achieving our ambitious goals.

5. Leading digital disruption in education

We are a lean, digitally-enabled organisation that delivers innovative products and personalised experiences to every type of customer.

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We believe that movements need collaborators. If you’re interested in working alongside us to shape smarter learning, get involved and help us make a difference.

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