Investing In Quality Licence (IIQ)

Our IIQ licence is a super-flexible service which allows you to have an unlimited number of courses accredited under your licence for one annual fee.

The licence allows you to gain accreditation from a national Awarding Organisation, providing you with the support to ensure your courses are of a high standard.IIQ logo space

It gives you the freedom to develop courses to suit the needs of employers, learners and government objectives and also gives your centre the flexibility to tailor these courses to niche markets.

So why choose IIQ?

Our IIQ specialists will evaluate, review and provide feedback about how you develop your courses within a quality framework to gain recognition that will show you deliver a learning experience with value

How will this benefit your learners?

  • they’ll receive an NCFE certificate of achievement
  • provides awarding organisation recognition and confidence in the value of the training
  • evidence of gaining new skills, knowledge and competence for their career development; progression into employment; and/or further education

How will this benefit your organisation?

  • competitive edge – with a benchmarked quality standard that will add further value to your proposition to help you gain and retain clients
  • manage risk – operate within a quality framework to help provide evidence to third parties, such as government bodies, about the quality of the learning experience that you offer.
  • audit trail - You’ll be visited twice a year by one of our IIQ specialists, who’ll provide a report about your management systems and administrative arrangements; resources; systems and procedures etc, to demonstrate rigour and quality in helping their learners achieve their goals
  • minimise costs - Minimise resource costs and the administrative burden for producing certificates by letting us do it for you with our competitive reg/cert fees
  • speedy service – your courses can be accredited within 15 working days 
  • your brand on our certificates – NCFE certification that bears your organisation’s logo
  • quick and easy registration – we'll process your certification claim within 24 hours means your learners won’t be waiting around

Need some advice?

Getting started with NCFE couldn’t be easier. You'll find the IIQ Quality Statements and Performance Criteria in the user guide.

The IIQ Quality Statements and Performance Criteria document will help you to complete the application form by suggesting evidence you could use to show us that you have what it takes to become an IIQ licenced centre.

However, we’re keen to guide you through the process. If you get in touch, we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the statements, criteria and tell you more about the service so you can be sure that it’s the right fit for you.

IIQ Licence Fees

Fees for the IIQ licence are for UK based centres only and comprise of 2 separate elements – a one off initial fee and an annual licence fee, along with a combined registration and certification fee which is charged per learner. Simple!

Initial Fee


Annual Licence


Combined Registration and Certification

£11 per learner

An additional fee is applicable if you want a course accredited that is a level 5 or above. The standard fees will apply for first and second reviews, but there will be a reduced fee for any third and fourth reviews that are needed. This is set at half the cost of first and second reviews. So for example, the cost of a first and second review of 1-5 units would be £500, and this would then reduce to £250 for a third and fourth review.

Course Review Fee


First and second review

Third and fourth review
















Materially Different

When we review your course we’ll look at your reasons for developing it, including why our existing NCFE regulated qualifications don’t meet your needs and we will also check if your course is materially different to one of NCFE’s regulated qualifications. The purpose of the materially different check is for us to be sure that your course is not similar to one of our regulated qualifications.  We will check that the knowledge, skills and assessment(s) are different to any of our regulated qualifications.  This helps to ensure that learners would not consider this as an NCFE owned and regulated qualification.

And so we would expect that you would check that your qualification is not similar to another regulated qualification.  If you need any advice on this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Applying for you Investing in Quality Licence.

You can now apply for your Quality Licence.

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IIQ Licence - Accredited Centres

As well as NCFE's range of regulated qualifications, NCFE also offers courses through our Accreditation & Employer Services, meaning training providers can gain awarding organisation recognition for their own courses.

NCFE's Investing in Quality (IIQ) Licence is designed to give formal recognition to an organisation's courses that fall outside of NCFE's regulated portfolio of qualifications. The licence is based on a number of Quality Statements which provide a quality assurance framework for the development, delivery and evaluation of their courses, so that IIQ centres develop their courses just as an awarding organisation would.

The training providers who use the IIQ Licence include; Beacon Award winning colleges, employers, local authorities, charities and the emergency services; who are all able to recognise the valuable bespoke training undertaken by their people by awarding them an NCFE certificate of achievement issued. Here are just a few that we work with:


Cambridge Education Group Limited


Compass Education Ltd


Kent Police Training School


Le Cordon Bleu London


NCC Resources


Arco Ltd


Sellafield Ltd


Newcastle College


Cambridge International