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Our Investing In Quality Licence (IIQ) provides you with Awarding Organisation (AO) recognition for your own courses. Our brand and expertise as a leading AO will enable you to demonstrate the quality and rigour of your course, as well as enhance its value.


Find out more about  the NCFE Investing In Quality Licence:

Tel: 0191 239 8000
Email: [email protected]

 Enhanced flexibility

IIQ from NCFE gives you the freedom to develop courses to suit the needs of employers and learners as well as meet government objectives. It also gives your organisation the flexibility to tailor your courses to niche markets.

Help from our IIQ specialists

Our dedicated team will evaluate, review and provide feedback on how you develop your courses within a quality framework. This will help you gain recognition that shows you deliver a learning experience of real value.

Benefitting your learners

Your learners will receive our NCFE certificate of achievement which provides evidence of them gaining new skills, knowledge and competence for their career development. Our accreditation also ensures that learners have confidence in the value of your training.

Benefitting you

IIQ from NCFE can provide many benefits for your organisation, such as giving it a competitive edge, acknowledging the quality of your training, minimising costs and delivering a super-fast service.

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