recognising quality courses.

  • Choose which accreditation service works best for you - Customised Award or Investing in Quality
  • Fill out the relevant online approval form. We'll respond within 5 working days
  • Our dedicated team will help you develop your course with our specialist collaborative approach
  • Start registering your learners, you can do this via the NCFE Portal
  • We’ll allocate you a Verifier who will make sure that systems and procedures are still in place and being applied within the scope of the IIQ Licence.
  • Once your learners complete their course we’ll certificate them - we’ll process your certification claim within 24 hours!


NCFE’s Accreditation Services

  • Why NCFE?

    To contact our Accreditation team, please call 0191 240 8888.

    • we have a one day certification turnaround
    • we’ll help you develop your training programme(s) with our collaborative approach
    • you’ll have your own dedicated Customer Support Assistant
    • competitive and transparent fees
    • our easy to use online registration and certification system.
  • Why choose Customised Awards?

    Our Customised Award service is designed to accredit one or two bespoke courses that fall outside of NCFE's national portfolio of qualifications. 

    Customised Awards are written and owned by you, not NCFE, so although we won’t advertise your courses, we’re happy for you to market them by referring to NCFE accreditation. You can also use our logo on any learning materials; and we’ll include your logo on the certificates we award to your people.

  • Why choose an IIQ Licence?

    Our IIQ licence is a super-flexible service which allows you to have an unlimited number of courses accredited for one annual fee. It allows you to gain accreditation from a national Awarding Organisation, providing you with a guarantee that your training courses are of a high standard.

    It gives you the freedom to develop courses to suit the needs of employers, learners and government objectives and also gives your centre the flexibility to tailor these courses to niche markets.


  • How will this benefit your learners?

    • they’ll receive an NCFE certificate of achievement
    • provides external recognition for their achievements
    • evidence of gaining new skills, knowledge and competence for their career development; progression into employment; and/or further education
  • How will this benefit your centre?

    • competitive edge – with a benchmarked quality standard that will add further value to your proposition
    • manage risk – operate within a quality framework to help provide evidence to third parties
    • minimise costs - Minimise resource costs and the administrative burden for producing certificates by letting us do it for you
    • speedy service – your courses can be accredited within 15 working days 
    • your brand on our certificates – NCFE certification that bears logo
    • quick and easy registration – our one day certification turnaround means your learners won’t be waiting around

Find what works for you

Because it’s important to us that NCFE accreditation fits perfectly with your organisation’s needs and offers you value for money, we’ve developed two flexible routes to meet your individual requirements.

Find out which route is best suited to you:

What are your accreditation requirements?

1. Decision

View our Guide to Accreditation Services

Decide which Accreditation Service is for you.

Customised Award - If you're interested in gaining accreditation for 1 or 2 of your own courses.

Investing in Quality (IIQ) Licence - If you'd like to gain accreditation for an unlimited number of courses.

2. Approval

To gain approval to deliver your own course, complete the relevant online application form. You find these on the Customised Award and Investing in Quality (IIQ) pages.

3. Accreditation

Our specialised team will help you design and develop your own courses with our collaborative approach, by providing expert feedback within 15 working days, about how you can enhance your course into a specification that has measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria; and has been benchmarked against the national framework to reach awarding organisation standards

4. Registration

Gather your learners’ details and register their names with NCFE.  This can be done via the Portal. If you don’t have access to the Portal, please contact your Customer Support Assistant.

Register your learners as soon as possible after enrolment to make sure you receive up to date information and plenty of support from NCFE.

5. Verification

Customised Award – Once you’ve registered your learners you’ll be allocated an External Verifier. You’ll receive 2 visits per year free of charge, but can request more for an additional fee. The External Verifier will verify your learners portfolios and provide you with the support and guidance you need.

IIQ – You’ll be allocated a Quality Verifier and will receive 2 monitoring visits per year, free of charge. The Quality Verifier’s main role is to approve and support centres applying for and achieving the IIQ Licence, and to ensure that standards are maintained across all licensed centres.

6. Certification

Certificates are issued after successful completion of all necessary components for the course.

You will need to submit your certificate claim form to claim your certificates, which we’ll issue within one working day. 

Case Studies

  • A Guide to NCFE Accreditation Services

    This webinar explains the processes and benefits of accreditation and provides a forum to answer any questions you may have! The webinar is aimed at any type of training provider, including employers who deliver their own internal training.

  • Le Cordon Bleu

    undefinedSince 2010, Le Cordon Bleu have been accrediting their courses under an NCFE Investing in Quality licence (IIQ). Le Cordon Bleu London offers Level 4 IIQ Diplomas in Cuisine and Pâtisserie, Culinary Management and Wine. Their highly valued relationship with NCFE has helped them to deliver quality, and continually enhance all aspects of their provision.

    Diplôme de Pâtisserie (IIQ Level 4 Diploma) 

    The Diplôme de Pâtisserie comprises three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Superior. As learners progress, the techniques taught become more advanced to develop their abilities in a structured manner. The diploma is recognised globally as one of the most respected culinary courses.

    Across the diploma, learners gain classic pâtisserie skills while developing their creative flair. Le Cordon Bleu's pâtisserie master chefs lead demonstrations showing important techniques in creation and decoration of classic pâtisserie and contemporary restaurant desserts. The progressive teaching of classical method and techniques is fundamental. Learners are then able to apply the techniques to any type of cuisine and adapt them to their future career.

    The course is delivered in a combination of demonstration, practical and workshop sessions, supported by theory lectures from highly experienced teaching staff, and extra-curricular sessions from chefs working in the industry.

  • UK Distance Learning and Publishing

    "If you wish to have your courses accredited by a nationally recognised awarding organisation, the NCFE’s Accreditation Service is an economical and responsive route to follow. NCFE’s staff are also able to offer advice on whether the service is suitable for your course, and if so, which accreditation routes best fits your needs."

Meet the Team

  • Graham Thompson

    Accreditation Services Officer

    Tel: 0191 240 8838

  • Michelle Storey

    Accreditation Services Leader

    Tel: 0191 239 8048 / 074693253066

  • Michael Smith

    Accreditation Services Officer

    Tel: 0191 239 5487