Customised Award

Our Customised Award service is designed to accredit one or two bespoke training programmes that fall outside of NCFE's national portfolio of qualifications.

It allows you to gain accreditation from a national Awarding Organisation, providing you with the support to ensure your courses are of a high standard.

Customised Awards are written and owned by you, not NCFE, so although we won’t advertise your awards, we’re happy for you to market them by referring to NCFE accreditation. You can also use our logo on any learning materials; and we’ll include your logo on the certificates we award to your people.

So why choose Customised Awards?

We’ll evaluate, review and provide advice about your existing learning programme to identify how NCFE can support you to develop the course.

Our Accreditation team will provide expert feedback about how you can enhance your learning programme into a specification that has measurable learning outcomes and assessment criteria; and has been benchmarked against the national framework to reach awarding organisation standards.

Need some advice?

Getting started with NCFE couldn’t be easier. There’s a user guide that takes you through the process from application to certification and you can access the application forms too. We also have Instructions for Writing Units for Bespoke Courses to help you develop your programme(s).

Customised Award Fees

The Customised Award fees structure consists of a Customised Award Review Fee followed by an Annual Accreditation Fee and a combined registration and certification fee per learner.

An additional fee is applicable under our Customised Award service. The standard fees will apply for first and second reviews, but there will be a reduced fee for any third and fourth reviews that are needed. This is set at half the cost of first and second reviews. So for example, the cost of a first and second review of 1-5 units would be £500, and this would then reduce to £250 for a third and fourth review.

Customised Award Review Fee


First and second review

Third and fourth review
















Annual Accreditation Fee


Combined Registration and Certification

£11 per learner

 Please note, to become a Customised Award centre you’ll first need to be an NCFE Approved Centre. If you’re not approved by NCFE you’ll require a centre approval visit at a fee of £250 (half day) or £500 (full day).

Applying for your Customised Award

You can now apply for your Customised Award online!

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