Acorn community

a place for ideas to grow

Acorn Community is a space to co-create and shape the design of our qualifications, products and services.

We're proud of the work we do at NCFE and the culture we’ve created – we invest a lot of time and effort in being the best we possibly can be. We believe that working together brings success, so we’re opening our doors to welcome the start of co-creation on an unprecedented and exciting scale with Acorn Community.

Acorn Community allows you to connect across a national network of subject specialists, Tutors and employers amongst others, whilst logging in at your desk. We believe we’ve created the perfect place for innovative new ideas to grow.

Stronger together, growing together

Acorn Community fulfils our brand value of being stronger together by uniting us in a challenging time for the sector. In Acorn Community we’ll be overcoming our own ‘challenges’ – the ‘challenge’ may be an idea we have for a new qualification, a supporting product or service - or something completely new!

Acorn Community allows us to work together to design what our future products should look like; we want to know what you’d love to see, and importantly we want to know what your learners need from us.

Co-creation means the best ideas grow into qualifications and products that contribute directly to the success of our learners.

A great community to be part of 

Shape the design of our qualifications

You’ll get a direct say in our qualification development. Working with a leading Awarding Organisation, you’ll have the chance to shape the content and style of future qualifications available to thousands of learners.

Certificate of contribution

If you’ve submitted an idea against any of the Challenges in Acorn Community you can receive a certificate to recognise your contribution. Please email [email protected] and let us know which Challenge your idea relates to and we’ll email you a certificate within 5 working days.

Share best practice

By collaborating with peers in the sector, you’ll help create qualifications that meet your own needs and the needs of your learners. What’s more, with Acorn Community, there are no geographical restrictions – and we may even invite you to make your idea a reality with us!

If you’d like to become a part of this exciting community, let us know by completing the form below or emailing us at [email protected]

Use of Acorn Community is subject at all times to our Terms and Conditions

We’ve found that co-creation helps us to devise programmes most successfully. Collaboration ensures the best for learners
Shaping future qualifications.

By joining our Acorn Community, you can help shape the future for learners.