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Re-sit/re-take/cancellation re-booking request – Education

A re-sit/re-take/cancellation re-booking request form must be submitted prior to arranging the re-sit/re-take assessment.

It is important that the conditions of re-sit/re-take are fully understood prior to submitting this form.

For additional guidance and information that supports this form, please refer to the following documents:

Before submitting this form, you must consider the timescales for completing re-sit/re-take, and any requirements for further learning. This information can be found on the EPA re-sit/re-take policy Appendix A document (filter to standard in column A). If this information is not specified on the Appendix A document, the generic requirements of sections 2.3 and 3.2 of the EPA re-sit/re-take policy apply.

Any incomplete or inaccurate EPA re-sit/re-take request forms will be rejected, which may cause the request for re-sit/re-take to be delayed or denied.

The Delivery team will be in touch within 3 working days of you requesting a re-sit/re-take form.

Re-sit/re-take/cancellation re-booking request

Can be found on the apprentice's profile on SEPA

The name of the colleague who you would like us to copy in when contacting the apprentice to schedule in the assessment

Please ensure there is 8 working days notice.