Exit from Brexit? Politics in turmoil

By: Paul Turner

Futures Leader

Wednesday 14 June 2017

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Last week saw the electorate go to the polls for the third time in two years. With the hope of getting an increased majority in the House of Commons, Theresa May and her team campaigned on a number of issues, not always successfully. Other parties competed for attention and vote seeking. But where was Brexit in the campaign? It seemed as if it was the unspoken item by the major English parties and somewhat muted by the minorities.

The election resulted in a ‘hung parliament’, the first since 1974, with a deal now in the offing with the DUP. We've also seen the Cabinet reshuffle, or in some cases status quo, and despite a couple of new faces, nothing is really radical.

What it points to though is a less severe Brexit mandate as some of the new faces are vocal Remainers. The potential for staying in the single market and customs union, along with keeping freedom of movement is high. This relaxation can only be good news for UK employers and EU employees. Qualified staff remain, seasonal workers will come back, education will benefit from influx, investment will resume, and economy will stabilise and grow. Result.

But what is now needed to make this a reality, is for a mature approach to the Brexit negotiations. The planned start date is 19 June, less than one week away. The EU Council is waiting. What better way to show how well we can work together than by use of a cross party negotiating team of experience, strength and guile that represents the best of our politicians, respects the people's voice, yet delivers the best of both worlds to take us forward.

Politics and politicians have taken a battering over the last few weeks. Now is the time for humility and co-operation. Now is the time to make good on the electorate's choice. Now is the time to show the rest of the world we are the true originators of democracy. 

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