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By: Kievah Wallace

PR and Social Media Officer

Friday 12 January 2018

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Technical and applied qualifications in performance tables beyond 2020

It’s the Department for Education’s intention to suspend the approval processes for technical education after the current process for approval for the 2020 performance tables has concluded. Below is the statement from the Department for Education.

Ministers have decided that this will happen upon conclusion of the current approvals process for the 2020 performance tables.

Their decision is primarily to ensure a period of stability in the qualification offer before the first T levels are introduced in September 2020. Ministers have therefore decided that the list of technical and applied qualifications that are approved for inclusion in the 2020 performance tables should not be supplemented during this moratorium.

Once final decisions have been made about qualifications included in the 2020 performance tables, the process will close and we do not anticipate that any new qualifications will be accepted for consideration. We will keep the list of approved qualifications under review and, if any are found not to meet our requirements, they may be removed from performance tables. We anticipate that the moratorium will last for a minimum of two years, during which time the Department will continue to engage with awarding organisations.

We’re committed to keeping our schools customers up to date with any future information that is released and that will have an impact on our offer for schools. We’ll let you know of any changes as soon as we can, so you can reflect this in your planning.  

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