Recruitment Process

We’d like to make sure all interested applicants have a clear understanding of our recruitment process and the various steps involved along the way.

Hopefully by being clear up front and providing some answers to your questions it will ensure that when it comes to the interview process at NCFE you don’t get any surprises!

How do I find out more about the role I’m applying for?

Apart from reading the Job Information Pack on our website you can speak to our HR team who may be able to help otherwise they may put you in contact with the Team Manager of the post you're applying for.

What is the recruitment process?

We will check your application and score it against our criteria for the role you're applying. If successful you'll be contacted about the next steps. Interviews are normally held at our head office in Newcastle.

How long will the recruitment process last?

The process will vary depending on the role. There will usually be no more than two weeks between you sending an application and us letting you know if you've been successful. For some roles there may be a 2 stage process so this will take longer.

How will I know my application has been received?

If you've submitted an electronic application we’ll send you an email response confirming receipt. If you do not get a response please contact our HR team on 0191 239 8000.

Can I send my application by post?

You can submit your application by post.

Do you accept hand written applications?

We’d prefer it if you are able to type out your application wherever possible however we will still accept hand-written applications.

I have previously applied for a role - can I re-apply?

Yes you can re-apply for a role with us.

Can I apply for more than one vacancy?

Yes, you can. In fact if we feel you are more suited to another available role you've not applied for we may invite you to apply for this too.

How will I find out if my application has been successful?

If you’ve been successful at applicant stage we will contact you by telephone. We will normally confirm the next steps in a follow up email. We will normally advise you of the Interview process at this point.

Can I register my interest in posts not currently available?

Yes, you can register your interest on our Current Vacancies page.

For External Contractor roles you should see our External Contractor Vacancies section.

I'm interested in working as a Moderator/External Contractor, what should I do?

You need to follow the process detailed in our External Contractor section.

What format do the interviews take?

Depending on the role but aside from the actual Interview we may ask you to complete:  Presentations, computer based tasks, group exercises, or Personality profiling.

How do I prepare for the interview?

Don’t worry about this – If there are any presentations or exercises to do we will let you know the format in plenty of time before the interview giving you the chance to do any preparation needed.

How many interviews will I have?

It depends on the role. Some will need just 1 stage where often for the more senior roles there may be 2 stages to the process.

Can you provide me with feedback if I'm not successful?

Yes we can provide you with feedback at each stage of the process.  If you're unsuccessful at interview stage, we'll contact you with the outcome and ask if you would like some feedback.  If you're unsuccessful at the application stage we'll notify you of the outcome by email.

If I’m successful in securing the role what development opportunities will be available to me?

Within your first few weeks with us, you’ll receive the NCFE ‘Welcome to our world’ induction programme to introduce you to the company. You’ll also be given access to a wide range of learning and development opportunities including; E-learning, team induction videos, tailored learning programmes and more. You’ll also work through an induction passport and be allocated a buddy to support you in your early career with NCFE.

When do you request references?

We'll normally ask for a minimum of 2 references covering the last 3 years of employment which we aim to have returned before you start working for us. If you can provide reference contacts with your application then this will help speed up the process should you be successful. We will not seek a reference without your permission.

If you've incurred travel expenses as a result of attending an interview then we may refund reasonable costs incurred.

If you've incurred travel expenses as a result of attending an interview then we may refund reasonable costs incurred.