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A day in the life of Tiffany Sjothun our Scrum Master

An enthusiastic and dynamic group, the IT team at NCFE are experts in development that makes a difference. They are involved in all parts of the business and have lots of exciting projects on the horizon using new technologies, meaning no two days are the same.

Tiffany Sjothun is our Scrum Master and she shares what her working day at NCFE usually consists of.

A day in the IT team at NCFE is always different and there’s always something new popping up which keeps my role varied and interesting.

The best way to start the day is with a warm brew! After I’ve made this then the day really begins.

First of all, I catch up on any emails that I’ve received overnight or from the weekend, checking if there’s any action that needs to be taken or responding to team members.

Next it’s time to check in with the team, both those working onsite and those working from home. I like to check in with everyone on a personal level as well as in regard to work. I really care for and value my team members so this is an important part of the day for me. 

The rest of my morning consists of various stand up meetings to check in on work progress. I run three streams, so this does take up quite a bit of time. These meetings allow team members to share what their workload looks like for the rest of the day, and highlight any issues that they may be facing. I deal with any of these before lunch to ensure everyone can get on with their work effectively.

Most days I have a working lunch. I have an open desk policy at all times and encourage all my team members to come and have a chat if they need me. During my working lunch, I also send emails and respond to any issues.

Afternoons tend to be really varied – working on streams, leading ceremonies (we run Agile Scrum and Kanban, so these are Demo, Sprint Planning and Retrospectives), of stream work relating to team or wider Group IT initiatives we’re working on, and personal development. NCFE encourages our continued professional development through dedicated time and resource for up-skilling which is great, meaning we are able to work on our own projects and solutions.

Snack time! I tend to have another cuppa and a snack late afternoon before wrapping up for the day. This time is also used for mini personal projects, including around the office displays, setting up team gratuity stations, or admin tasks that I need to complete.

I really enjoy working in such an exciting and innovative environment, and there’s never a dull moment.

Does NCFE sound like the place for you? We’re on the lookout for people to join our IT team. Contact our Recruitment team with your CV on [email protected]

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