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Thoughts from the codeface

Jack Joyce - Tester

Working at NCFE has provided a strong platform for me to put my analytical skills to good use as a Software Tester, work with talented people and grow as an individual.

Tracy Neilson – Tester

I enjoy the freedom to do my work and not be micro managed, I’m trusted to do my job well and have input into the project I’m working on. I love the fact I can ask anyone on the team for help at any time and they are always willing to stop what they are doing to assist me.

I enjoy using my self-development time to learn new skills.

Adam Green – Software Developer Engineer in Test 

I enjoy working for NCFE because it has given me the opportunity to continuously learn and develop many new things, to discover a career that I love and to work with some excellent people.

Paul Winn – Tester

I enjoy investigating problems that have been discovered and trying to determine a root cause for them, which will hopefully help the developers find solutions. I like working with others on the team to share knowledge and enjoy having an opportunity to offer any ideas that I may have. I like to know how things work including new technology and have used some of my development time to begin learning C#, SQL, Java and HTML, which I have found interesting.

Simon Longshaw – Senior Application Support Developer

Working at NCFE allows me to work with the latest mainstream development tools in a fast moving, interesting and complex field that is education and awarding. Knowing what you’re doing contributes to making people’s lives better on a daily basis really makes things worthwhile.

Tom Knight - Senior Business Intelligence Database Administrator

NCFE gives you the space and the freedom to investigate new technologies and as well as the help and support needed to implement them.

Peter Matthews - Business Intelligence Developer

In my short time at NCFE, I can already tell it’s a great place to work. You’re given time to learn on the job to continuously improve yourself – I’m really looking forward to being able to use the training allowance we are allocated. The people are great and always available to offer help and advice. It seems like a good time to have joined as there’s lots of work going on looking at improving and updating existing technologies. Flexibility with working hours is also a huge bonus, something I have never had before and is very nice to know it’s there when needed.

Adam Cherry – Business Improvement Analyst

Working at NCFE gives me so much variation from day to day. The projects that we work on are extremely diverse; we are involved in everything from System Requirements for our customer portal, to helping our Processing team re-design their printer room. The variation enables us to test and build new skills constantly.

Claire Appleby – Product Owner and UAT Manager

I’ve worked at NCFE for over 13 years, the IT team back then was very small and over the years I’ve seen it grow and mature in all areas including Software Delivery, Infrastructure, Business Intelligence and Project Services.

As a Product Owner I have a close relationship with many teams across the business, but I have to be honest, I love working with IT and have learnt lots over the years about things I never thought I would. Coming from a non-technical background this could not have been possible without the help and support of my colleagues in IT.

In my role, I often have some crazy requests, which the team always support me with even if it means we have to negotiate - that’s the best bit!

It’s also given me the opportunity to work not only with the staff here in Newcastle also with our offshore team and many 3rd party organisations which is great for building relationships.

We are going through lots of change at the minute and it is an exciting time to work at NCFE, especially in IT as we start to look at new systems and how we deliver changes for the future.

What the business say about Group IT

Dawn Mulvaney – CACHE Alumni Project Manager

The support from the NCFE IT team during a digital project was invaluable. From advice and support whenever I needed it, to working with an external web team, they really had my back!

Alongside their forward thinking approach and their experience, one of the best things about the team is how supportive they are. I was new to project management when I started working with them and they were never judgemental and really helped me to build my knowledge and skills.

I couldn’t have launched CACHE Alumni without their help and patience and look forward to working with them again on phase 2 and future developments.

Jayne Stallard – Implementation Officer (Product Owner)

Being a product owner as part of a major business project was a challenging but rewarding experience. Working closely with the IT team gave me a chance to build great working relationships with a team of skilled experts.

The team structure and dynamic works well, there are clear-cut processes using Scrum methodology, which helps us to plan the work effectively.

Within the team there are highly skilled individuals providing a wealth of experience and knowledge to colleagues. With this knowledge, I learnt a lot about how our systems and processes interlink which enabled me to make informed decisions to meet our deadlines.

Phil Belton – Lead Processor

I worked with IT as part of an Internal Project. I found that the development and testing team worked incredibly hard to achieve what they did. They would listen, bounce ideas back & forth and give constant updates. A great team with some great motivation.

Michael Smith – Accreditation Officer

I have always found working with our IT team engaging, interesting and informative. I always feel I have the support I need.

Lisa Thompson - Customer Support Team

 I’ve worked closely with the IT team as part of a cross team data migration project. The project required working dynamically to a deadline. The team were agile, patient and innovative in the problem solving that was required. It was a rewarding and educational experience.