Sample Certificate

We've provided an example certificate that you can promote to your learners in order to show them what they will receive upon passing their NCFE qualification. You can reproduce this on your website or in print format.

You must not replicate this certificate in any way or make any changes to it, such as adding your learners name to it, or mis-use it in any other way. This certificate should be used as an example only.

This sample qualification certificate is an indication of the style and format of NCFE qualification certificates that are issued to learners who fully achieve an NCFE regulated qualification.  Please note that depending on the nature of the NCFE regulated qualifications, certificates may also display grades achieved or unit summaries without credit values. NCFE also issues credit certificates and unit certificates to learners who have not yet fully achieved their NCFE regulated qualification.  These certificates are of a similar style and format to the sample qualification certificate.

The following sample shows you the style and format of the certificate that would be issued to learners who’ve fully achieved an unregulated course that has been delivered by you and accredited by NCFE.

In addition, NCFE issues unit certificates to any learners who haven’t yet fully achieved an NCFE-accredited course. The style and format of these certificates are similar to the below sample certificate, and will clearly state the units that the learner has achieved so far.