Request for Special Considerations

Please make sure you’ve taken a look at our Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations policy so you’re familiar with what special considerations are.  If your request isn’t covered in our policy we’ll still review your application and take guidance from our regulators and other Awarding Organisations. You can find out more on our policy webpage.

  • For external assessments, you’ll need to complete this form and send it to us within 7 working days after your learner sat the external assessment or the assessment window has closed.
  • An individual form per learner must be completed unless the circumstances affected a cohort of learners who sat at the same time.
  • For internal assessments, you’ll need to complete this form and send it to us as soon as you become aware that your learner requires a special consideration.

What happens next?

We’ll aim to complete the review of your completed form within 3 working days.  We’ll keep in touch along the way to let you know what’s happening and phone you to let you know the outcome of the review.

Centre Details

(For this request)

Learner details

Internal assessment is a portfolio of evidence and includes internal controlled assessments. External assessment includes invigilated assessments, such as multiple choice questions, short answer questions, assignments etc. ‘Online’ is NCFE’s online external assessment system for specific qualifications. If you’re not sure please contact your Customer Support Advisor for more information.

Details of your request and your declaration

Please tell us more about your request so we can make sure we understand your learner’s needs and provide the appropriate solution. Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary and submit together with this form.

Any evidence enclosed, for example doctor’s report, invigilator’s register etc. • any other supporting information from the centre and/or the Learner that you’re able to provide to enable us to make the appropriate decision.

I accept that NCFE will hold and process electronically the information given and may use it for any purpose deemed relevant to this request.