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Bright, green futures

Climate change is a significant political and economic issue that is gaining increasing momentum at a global level. Without action, we run the risk of losing the race against climate change and ensuring a green future for generations to come.

We believe that you can harness the power of education to support learners to develop the skills needed to tackle climate change and create a greener planet.

We’re committed to supporting the fight against climate change by developing qualifications and spreading knowledge that will directly support learners to confront and reverse what might be the biggest threat to our world.

Qualification information

Find out more about our latest qualification development, Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness. This qualifications is suitable for AEB funding from the ESFA.


The world is seeing new levels of public awareness and concern about the environment, and the role played by education in this has been huge. NCFE’s continued commitment to developing the knowledge and skills for sustainability in our workforce has never been more crucial, and I’m proud and delighted to have played a part in contributing to its work.

How to support adult learners into low carbon jobs

Due to climate change, there is a growing requirement for employability skills that are focused specifically on addressing the carbon footprint of businesses.

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Covid-19 and lockdown reduces carbon impact

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the environment enjoyed a welcome a reprieve from the impact of modern living and working.

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Education is Key to a Green Future

Alongside our premier partner, Learning Curve Group, we have committed to promote and advance learning around supporting the environment.

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"A person is forced from their home every two seconds by climate fuelled disasters"