Learning Resources

Support your 16-19 learners to success.

A package of resources to complement your Study Programmes.

We know that developing and delivering your 16-19 vocational curriculum can be a challenge and technical education is an area of constant change.

That’s why at NCFE, we offer 16-19 qualifications which offer progression to HE and employment, provide a seamless fit into your wider curriculum, and support your Study Programmes.

What’s more, these qualifications are complemented by a full package of resources to support your learners’ progression whilst helping your college to meet Ofsted expectations. These resources and programmes have been developed in conjunction with employment specialists Reed to support employability within the curriculum.

BESTest (Baseline Employability Skills Test)

Looking for a cost effective online diagnostic, psychometric assessment that accurately measures a learner’s employability skills? Look no further than BESTest.

  • It accurately measures the starting points of a learner against 10 indicators that are vital for employment success - CV, Job Search, Interviews, Workplace Behaviours, Initiative, Resilience, Motivation, Organisation, Professionalism and Sociability.
  • Learners receive an immediate report which provides a ‘spikey profile’ of their employability skills.
  • Learners complete 10 interactive modules that relate directly to the results of their BESTest score to upskill them where needed. These can take up to fifteen minutes each to complete.

For more information or a free trial, please visit the ForSkills website and watch the video below to find out more about BESTest.

Blended programmes of learning

NCFE has also developed blended learning programmes focused on progressing the learners towards their chosen routes by building their confidence and boosting their skills. They’ve been designed to equip learners with the correct mindset and contemporary employability skills, helping them to achieve their goals now and in the future.

The programmes are:

  1. Study Programme enrichment During this programme, learners will understand themselves, the working world around them and develop the skills needed to progress into their chosen route.
  2. Progression to work experience Yr1 and Yr2 During this programme, learners are able to build skills and confidence to secure, and succeed in, their own work experience placement.
  3. Progression to apprenticeships During this programme, learners will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to increase their chances of obtaining a valuable apprenticeship programme.

Each Programme:

  • is held on a moodle platform
  • contains a bespoke tutor delivery interface
  • contains a scheme of work, session plans, tutor notes and learner led activities
  • contains access to online interactive resources including learning games, advice and guidance, videos and PDF workbooks
  • includes a range of online and classroom-based extension resources
  • has differentiated assessment challenge at levels 1-3.

Why use these resources?

  • They support the requirements for the Study Programme and enable you to establish quantitative evidence of your learners’ starting points in terms of job readiness. • The learning programmes are blended and contain a unique tool to facilitate tutor delivery, with session plans, tutor guides and a digital VLE interface.
  • All resources include distance learning, interactive games, learner led activities and independent tasks; these are all designed to cover essential learning on personal, social and employability skills. They also contain the unique feature of workplace behaviours and the impact of British Values on modern day work practice.
  • BESTest and the blended learning programmes support meeting of Ofsted CIF grade ‘Personal Development, Behaviour and Wellbeing’ where inspectors will consider how a provider prepares learners for the world of work. You will be able to evidence that learners are developing their employability skills and supporting progression into work experience, future learning options, and eventually, employment.