External quality assurance

Thank you for your patience while we have been working through our approach to certificate learners; we understand this is a new and very challenging time for everyone and aim to keep you informed as much as possible. 

We have a responsibility to ensure each learner receives the grade they would have, had they completed their internal assessment following normal processes. To help us achieve this we need to be confident that we use the most trusted and reliable sources of evidence.

The most trusted and valid method would be for internal assessments to be externally quality assured as normal, therefore in line with Ofqual’s guidelines, where you are able to deliver our qualifications to learners as normal, we will not prevent this, as prevention could have unintended consequences and would undermine the aim of securing results for as many learners as possible this summer.

If you are in a situation where you have been able to continue to deliver our qualifications as normal eg you are a distance learning provider, or you have adapted your way of working, in line with our recommendations, to enable teaching, learning and assessment to take place, please contact your EQA to arrange an EQA review.

Where this is not possible we have a number of options available, which are outlined in our NCFE Guidance for summer 2020 Awarding document – we will continue to update this document as we have more information to share. You will also need to view the mitigation lists on our website for each of our qualifications to ensure you choose the correct approach for estimation.

Direct Claim Status (DCS)

Updated 10/06/20

If you have achieved or maintained DCS which has lapsed or is due to lapse between 23 March and 25 September as a result of not being able to accommodate an EQA review, we’ll apply a DCS extension to allow you to claim certificates up until 25 September 2020We can apply this extension from 19 June.  Please note that this will not apply to centres where their reliability of assessment has been graded C or D, where evidence of malpractice or maladministration has been identified or for licence to practice qualifications.

During your next EQA review, it’s vital that all learner portfolios that have been certificated via DCS are made available for the EQA to choose their sample. Your EQA will inform you which learners they want to sample prior to your review. If at any point during the EQA review evidence isn’t deemed appropriate, we may need to invalidate certificates and apply appropriate sanctions.