Results following summer 2020 awarding

Results release dates

We would like to give you some further information on the exact dates of results release. Please note, the below dates apply to those qualifications with a mitigation of ‘Calculate’, where Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) were submitted by the deadline.

NCFE will release results on the following dates:


Results released to centres

Results released to learners

Functional Skills Qualification

31 July 2020

31 July 2020

Level 3 Qualification

11 August 2020*

13 August 2020

Level 1 & 2 Qualifications (and all other qualifications)

18 August 2020*

20 August 2020

*Embargoed results will be available in the NCFE Portal 48 hours before the advertised release date.

Results release format

All results will be released into the NCFE Portal, following our normal results release process. As a centre, you will be able to access results for some qualifications 48 hours earlier than the advertised results release date, however they must remain confidential and not be shared with learners until the advertised release date.

Understanding your results

To support with understanding your results, and viewing all CAGs submitted, we have created a summary report, available to download in the Portal. This report will include all learner submission information, including overall outcome, and is searchable by qualification, as shown below.

What to do if you believe you are missing a result

Not all CAGs received may be released as a result, for a variety of reasons. Therefore, before contacting us for what you believe is a missing result, please first consider the following:

  • Was a CAG submitted for that learner and component?
  • Was the CAG submitted in line with our advertised timescales?
  • Is the CAG for an internally assessed component for a mid-flight or partial outcome learner?
  • Was the CAG submitted correctly under the scope of the Summer 2020 awarding guidance? (for example, no result will be issued for CAGs submitted for components if the learner had already met the maximum number of attempts permitted).
  • Are you still in discussion with an EQA regarding the quality assurance of your CAGs?
  • Are your results on hold due to an ongoing investigation by our Customer Compliance & Investigation team?

Having considered the above, if you still believe a result is missing, please contact our Customer Support Team in the first instance for further support. You can reach us on 0191 239 8000 or by emailing [email protected].

Mid-Flight and Partial Learners

As part of the estimation process, CAGs could be submitted for mid-flight and partial outcome learners.

Results will be released for externally assessed components for mid-flight and partial outcome learners. However, as stated within our guidance, CAGs for internally assessed components will not be quality assured at the same time as externally assessed components. 

Therefore, on the advertised results release dates above, you will not receive results for internally assessed components for mid-flight or partial outcome learners.

Further details on our process for results release for these components and learners will be published shortly.

Portal access on results release day

To help support with Portal access demand on results release day, you may be placed in a queue. If you are placed in a queue, the screen will show as below, but if you close the page you will lose your place in the queue.

Learners without submitted CAGs

If, having considered the guidance issued by NCFE, you did not submit a Centre Assessment Grade (CAG) for a learner(s), it is the responsibility of the Centre to ensure that the learner(s) are aware of this, and are not incorrectly expecting to receive a result on the day of results release. 


Due to the exceptional circumstances of Summer 2020, NCFE will automatically issue certificates for learners who are entitled to a full certificate. 

Please check the certification area in the Portal for confirmation on current learner certification status and dates as well as viewing learner achievement reports or eCertificates. 

You can access eCertificates from the day of results release in the normal way, and certificates will be dispatched to your main address in line with our published certification SLAs.

Where learners did not meet the requirements for a full certificate, NCFE will not issue partial certificates automatically. If you have learners with partial outcomes and wish to claim partial certificates for them, you will need to do this in the normal way in the Portal.


With no assessments this summer, and no papers to mark, our normal post-results services are not applicable for results released as part of this exceptional awarding process.

However, we have been instructed by Ofqual to offer a right of appeal to Centres if you believe that, in respect of the results received, the relevant process was not followed correctly by NCFE.

For more information on grounds for appeal, the process, and associated timescales and fees, please visit our dedicated Summer 2020 appeals page found here.


If, following receipt of your results, you wish to register an expression of dissatisfaction, please visit our dedicated complaints page for further information.

Further information

We will continue to update this web page with further information as we approach results release, and will keep you informed via our weekly e-bulletin.

External assessment timetable
Details of our next external assessment opportunities can be found in our external assessment timetable, which includes all V Cert, and CACHE qualifications, and will soon be updated with all 2020-21 paper-based assessment windows for reformed Functional Skills. Read more


How to appeal result decisions.


Late submissions and results timescales

We’ve put together a timeline so you can see deadlines and timescales for submissions and results at a glance.


Enquiries about your results?

This flowchart will take you through your next steps, specific to your situation.

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