COVID-19 Resources

With the current COVID-19 outbreak causing schools and colleges to close, we understand the challenges, disruption and anxieties that you are facing. We are doing all we can to put measures in place to support you and to ensure learning can continue within homes across the country. It’s with this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of resources to support learners, centres and parents during these uncertain times.

The resources will help learners to make the most of home education and ensure that teachers and parents have the tools to support continued remote learning.

You can also visit our dedicated coronavirus webpage for all of the latest information and advice for our customers and learners.  


We understand the current situation brings a lot of uncertainties but we would like to support you in continuing your learning journey, outside of your school or college.

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We understand that as a parent, this is a worrying time.

Just like you, we want to ensure that your child can continue learning from home with minimal disruption. 

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Schools and colleges

With millions of learners facing disruption to their education, it’s important to minimise the impact of this, and ensure they can continue learning remotely and can confidently return to their studies in the near future.

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