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Our support for you

We understand that centres are working incredibly hard to deliver teaching, learning and assessment activity and support learners through the pandemic.  We are committed to doing everything we can to support you by providing timely and clear advice, guidance and support – and by making our requirements and processes as simple and streamlined as possible.  To support you through the rest of the year:

  • Our weekly newsletter will provide you with the latest updates, direct to your inbox. If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so by contacting our Customer Support team.
  • Our Covid response hub includes all of our latest news, advice guidance and support on assessment and awarding in the current circumstances. See this page for quick links to all key guidance documents and policies.
  • We will produce and broadcast an extended series of webinars and podcasts, providing practical advice, examples and the opportunity to discuss our approach to assessment and awarding for the rest of the year with our expert team. See sign up links as well as previous recordings in the tiles on the right.
  • You can find qualification-specific advice on our assessment and awarding requirements in ‘adaptation addenda’ for each qualification in QualHub.
  • You can contact our Customer Support team via web chat, by phone on 0191 239 8000, or by email. We will extend the team’s opening hours at key points through the rest of the year to ensure that you can contact us when you need our support.
  • You can also talk to your Account Manager or External Quality Assurer.
  • Find out the key dates for your diary around Teacher Assessed Grades and results here.

What you know so far and what is still to come 

In our updated approach to awarding for 2020-21 document (updated 24 March), you can find details on:

  • Teacher Assessed Grades (evidence gathering and approach)
  • Qualification categorisation
  • Quality Assurance process
  • Post-results process and key points on appeals
  • Our blueprint for 2020-21.

We have also released our Quality Assurance Policy for Awarding for 2020-21 which can be downloaded here.

Our Teacher Assessed Grade portal is open from week commencing 19 April and you can find further guidance here.

Key dates for your diary can be found here.

Still to come

Over the coming weeks, we will confirm more information on:

  • Special considerations: we have begun reviewing and updating our special considerations process to ensure that we can align with any forthcoming regulatory requirement, as well as further support centres and learners where this may be required.
  • Results release: where Teacher Assessed Grades are submitted, we will continue to work closely with Ofqual, and other sector bodies and awarding organisations to confirm our plans for results release. This will include dates, qualification variations where relevant, and any specific UCAS requirements.
  • Post-results services for Teacher Assessed Grades: we know that queries and issues may continue beyond the point of results release, therefore we will publish further detail on the arrangements available to centres should they have questions or concerns following the release of results awarded via teacher assessed grading.
  • Appeals: we appreciate that the alternative awarding arrangements in place this year will also require a tailored appeal process that allows learners and centres the opportunity to address concerns. We will outline the responsibilities of both centres and NCFE within an approach document, as well as when and how this process will work.
  • Certification: where learners achieve qualification outcomes, we will ensure that certificates can be claimed, and issued in a timely manner to allow learners to progress. Details on the certification process will be published shortly.

For any further queries, please visit our FAQs here or contact our Customer Support team on 0191 239 8000 or via [email protected]

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