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V Cert and CACHE external assessment bookings 

As you know, whilst January V Cert and CACHE external assessments went ahead, those for the rest of the year have now been cancelled.

We now need to understand the plans for you and your learners on all previously timetabled V Cert and CACHE external assessments between 1 February and 31 July 2021.

This is really valuable in helping us to plan for the rest of the session in the most efficient and accurate way and can help us ensure all learners intending to receive an outcome from a cancelled external assessment do so. This is also a requirement before a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) can be submitted for a learner on a cancelled external assessment.

Therefore, your action is now required.  

We ask that centres make a booking for all V Cert or CACHE* learners onto a representative external assessment as soon as possible, to help us understand your intentions for learners for the remainder of the 2020/21 session.

This applies to any learner who you would have intended to attempt an external assessment between 01 Feb and 31 July 2021, and for whom a teacher assessed grade will be submitted. Please note - this is not required for Functional Skills (online or paper-based), T Levels, Core Maths, or other qualifications with an online, on-demand external assessment. Where further action may be required for these qualifications, we will contact centres directly. 

* with the exception of the following CACHE branded qualifications which have been deemed out of scope for this exercise due to expected qualification scope, assessment type and the conditions under which these assessments are normally undertaken.
- NCFE CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma for Children’s Care, Learning and Development (Wales and Northern Ireland) (600/7093/6)
- NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practice of Dental Nursing (601/2251/1)
- Understand How to Set Up a Home-Based Childcare Service (CYPOP 5) (Y/600/9770)

How do I make these bookings? 

Bookings can be made in the NCFE Portal in the usual way, and for each qualification with a cancelled (or likely to be cancelled) external assessment there is a Summer 2021 awarding opportunity which will be clearly identifiable by the naming convention of ‘Summer 2021 Awarding – [Qual/Assessment Abbreviation], nominally set for 15 July 2021. For example, for the Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness, the relevant opportunity to book onto will be titled ‘Summer 2021 Awarding – TAHF’

Where future bookings for external assessments in this session have already been made, these will also appear against these Summer 2021 awarding windows. Please ensure that those bookings still reflect an accurate version of your original plans for the rest of the year, therefore please consider qualifications with multiple external assessments, or where an external assessment has multiple themes which or variations of the same assessment.  

What if we have already made a booking onto a now cancelled external assessment this session? 

All existing bookings will still be held against the amended Summer 2021 awarding windows.  

If you have a booking for an assessment in the next session (2021/22), but now know that your intentions would have changed, and that you would have booked within the spring/summer 2021 period, you will need to:

  1. Withdraw the learners from the 2021/22 (or beyond) booking
  2. Book onto the appropriate assessment from this session, identifiable by the naming convention of ‘Summer 2021 Awarding – [Qual/Assessment Abbreviation]’

How do we know if the qualification had an external assessment beyond 01 Feb 2021? 

Please review our external assessment timetable for details on external assessment cancelled in February and March, and those which may be cancelled up until 31 July 2021.

Is this a Teacher Assessed Grade?

No. This is a representative booking to show what your intentions are for your learners for the rest of the year.

However, a booking will be required before submitting a Teacher Assessed Grade for that learner and assessment.

What happens with Teacher Assessed Grades if we don’t make a booking?

For cancelled external assessments that can be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG), we will require a booking to be in place before we process the grade.  

Therefore, please ensure that a booking has been made for all relevant learners.

We will accept late bookings at a later date if absolutely required. However, the sooner bookings are made, the more efficient the submission process will be to ensure all eligible learners receive an outcome from their cancelled external assessment.

Will doing this mean we are then eligible to submit a teacher/centre assessed grade? 

No. Whatever the alternative awarding arrangements are for the rest of the year, we will share those separately. The act of making this booking will not confirm your learners will receive a grade, however it shows your intentions and will help us plan accordingly. 

Will this cost us money? 

Where bookings have already been made, refunds will be provided. No resit fees will be charged for any new bookings for these Summer 2021 windows.

The Summer 2021 awarding window is dated 15 July 2021, is there an exam on that date? 

No. This is a nominal date for all Summer 2021 awarding windows, but has no significance relating to a date of assessment, exam, or other future action required.

The qualification for my learner has two summer 2021 awarding windows. Which shall I make the representative booking onto?

Where there were two cancelled external assessments between February and July 2021, both will be available as a summer 2021 awarding window, each differentiated with an addition of ‘spring’, ‘summer’, or the month they were originally scheduled for.

However, as a learner can only have a single booking at a time, please select the window which would be most appropriate as being closest to your original plans for the rest of the session. For example, if you planned to complete in spring, then use summer as a potential resit opportunity, please make the booking onto what would have been your first intention, therefore spring in this instance.