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T Level Teacher Assessed Grading

Alternative Assessment arrangements for Education and Childcare T Levels

As a result of the outcome of the consultation on arrangements for assessing vocational and technical qualifications this summer, the Department for Education and Ofqual proposed that students currently undertaking the Education and Childcare T Level could opt to take the core employer set project this summer but that core knowledge exams would be deferred until autumn 2021.

Following this consultation, and in response to provider feedback, it has been have agreed that students can now have the option to receive a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) for the whole core component this summer.

Why has this approach been adopted?

This approach means students can receive an overall core grade in August 2021 that accounts for the core employer-set project and core knowledge exams. It will also allow students to focus on the occupational specialism and industry placement in the second year.

We have reviewed our portfolio of qualifications against the criteria which Ofqual has set out, and produced a list of qualifications which can and can not be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade, which can be found using Ofqual’s qualification explainer tool.

When will results be issued?

T Level results for the core component will be on 10 August 2021, in line with other VTQ learners and AS and A Levels.

Vocational and Technical Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF) and further guidance available

On 24 March 2021, Ofqual published the outcome of its further technical and regulatory consultation, confirming the Vocational and Technical Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF) and setting out the requirements under which we must operate for awarding and issuing results.

Following on from this, we have updated our ‘Approach to Awarding for 2020-21’ document with additional guidance. This document now includes:

  • further guidance on Teacher Assessed Grades, including confirmation of a 5-step process for centres to follow, aligned with other awarding organisations
  • further information on qualification categorisation, special considerations, reasonable adjustments, results, appeals and more.

Teacher Assessed Grades – helping you get ready

As well as this written guidance detailed above, we recently delivered a TQ specific webinar to ensure that you are familiar with all requirements.

Watch this webinar now.

We’re also running a Q&A webinar on Wednesday 5 May at 4pm, to provide further support once there has been time for you to consider the recent guidance. This webinar will be led by your questions and we will answer any queries that you may have.

Register for this webinar now.

What next?

  • Take a look at further information on how to make grading judgments on our ‘approach to awarding for 2020-21’
  • Providers will need to submit a grade for the core knowledge and a grade for the employer-set project. These will then be aggregated to generate an overall grade for the core component.
  • Quality assurance arrangements will be similar to those for GQs and you can find further information on this on our ‘approach to awarding for 2020-21’ Once grades have been submitted, all T Level providers will be sampled.
  • Results will be confirmed on 10 August.
  • Records of student evidence should be kept in the event that a student wishes to appeal their grade.
  • If students opt to receive a grade for the core component in the summer, they can still choose to retake either part of the core component in the autumn.
  • If students choose not to receive a grade for the core component in the summer, they can take both parts of the core for the first time in the autumn this year and/or the summer of 2022.

Complete as much learning as possible

Now that students are back in the classroom, and if students do opt to receive grades this summer, we hope that they will be able to complete as much of the core as is possible before you determine their grades.

More information

If you have any queries which haven’t been answered in our Approach to awarding for Technical Qualifications (TQs) webinar or ‘approach to awarding for 2020-21’ document, please get in touch with your dedicated T Level account executive.


Approach to awarding for Technical Qualifications (TQs) webinar

Watch now

Approach to Awarding for 2020-21