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Qualifications which can not be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade

Important information on key dates for qualifications NOT awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG)

We understand that you may be delivering qualifications which are not awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) and so will be working to a different timetable. We are releasing results for these qualifications on a rolling basis, as and when you make your claims. If you would like to guarantee your non-TAG results for week commencing 9 August in line with results week, please ensure you submit any grade submissions by 27 July and arrange a review directly with your EQA on or before 30 July (if you don’t have DCS for the qualification) so that you can claim your certificates by 30 July. However, it’s worth noting that these are the final possible dates and it would be helpful if you could put your submissions in and book your EQA review as soon as possible.

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What qualifications can not be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG)?

Ofqual’s advice is that a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) should not be used to award qualifications where it is not possible to award safely, reliably, and validly if the knowledge, skills, and behaviours have not been demonstrated and assessed.

This includes occupational, license to practice, professional and continuing professional development qualifications, and some other Ofqual regulated vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) which are not typically used to support progression (Category A qualifications).

We have reviewed our portfolio of qualifications against the criteria which Ofqual has set out, and produced a list of qualifications which can and can not be awarded through a TAG, which can be found using Ofqual’s qualification explainer tool.

How have these qualifications been adapted to support centres and learners?

As you will be aware, in the autumn we reviewed our qualification portfolio and substantially adapted many of our assessment methods to help centres mitigate the impact of the pandemic on learners. 

Given additional flexibilities afforded to us by Ofqual, we have now completed a further review of qualifications which can not be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) and, wherever we could do so without undermining the purpose or validity of the qualification, have removed qualification content to make it easier for centres and learners to complete the whole qualification.  We have done this at qualification level by:

  • reducing the rule of combination; and / or,
  • removing learning outcome / assessment criteria.

Where appropriate, we have consulted industry sector partners before adapting qualification content in this way – given the importance of maintaining the value of the qualification to learners as they look to progress in their chosen occupation.

How has assessment of these qualifications been adapted?

As above, we substantially reviewed our approach to assessment in the autumn.  In doing that, we took full advantage of all flexibilities available to us under the EERF.  As such, there are very few further changes that we are able to make at this point (spring 2021), notwithstanding:

  • removing assessment requirements which relate to qualification content we have removed through our consideration of qualification adaptations (above);
  • noting the introduction of our remote invigilation offer, through which Functional Skills qualifications may be assessed anytime, anywhere, online;
  • providing additional guidance on the observation of competence in the workplace or through a mandatory work placement.

Where is the detail of these adaptations?

A summary of the assessment adaptations we have applied to our qualifications, including both the adaptations we applied in autumn and any supplementary changes we have been able to make in spring 2021, can be found at Annex A of our approach to awarding for 2020-21 document linked below. 

The position for each qualification is confirmed in the updated adaptation addenda which can be found on QualHub.

Download our approach to awarding for 2020-21 document

Access the updated adaptation addenda on QualHub

How will these qualifications be awarded?

These qualifications will be awarded on the basis that assessments must still, or have already taken place. The adaptations outlined above are designed to use all flexibilities available to us to support learners to complete their course and qualification.

Where the qualification has been adapted to reduce assessment requirement, and therefore the rule of combination for qualification achievement, it will be confirmed in the qualification addenda. However, whilst we update our Portal to reflect these changes, you will be unable to claim using this reduced rule of combination currently. We will share further updates once this has been complete, allowing you to claim certificates accordingly.

Where learners can not complete a given assessment, they may meet the requirements for a special consideration, although Ofqual have confirmed that special considerations will not apply to learners who are not able to sit assessments because they have not been taught qualification content.

We have reviewed our special considerations policy following Ofqual’s Vocational and Technical Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF) and more information can be found in our updated approach to awarding for 2020-21 document.

Where learners are not able to complete assessment activity prescribed in the updated adaptation addenda – and are not eligible for special considerations - centres may judge it necessary to delay learners’ completion of their course until all requirements can be met.

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Download NCFE’s approach to awarding for 2020-21 document


Take a look at the detail per qualification in the updated adaptation addenda on QualHub

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Ofqual’s qualification explainer tool

Access this interactive tool to see how specific qualifications will be assessed and awarded, including which qualifications can be awarded through a Teacher Assessed Grade. You can then access the relevant page below.


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