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Enquiries about results and assessment decisions policy update

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our policies and processes are reviewed and updated regularly, we have recently updated our ‘Enquires about Results and Assessment Decisions Policy’. The primary aim of this is to include some T Level specific information, as well as to provide additional clarification on existing content. Details of changes in this update are:

We have added:

  • table of contents
  • timescales for T Level Technical Qualification in Education and Childcare (Level 3) in section 2.1.3
  • clarification on waiving fees in section 1.5
  • clarification on revising timescales in section 2.2
  • new section on further investigation action in section 2.5.

We have amended:

  • updated names of linked policies
  • additional details added to our current Clerical Check and Review of Marking services in section 2.1.1
  • reworded section 2.3 for timescale acceptance to provide clarification
  • reworded section 2.4 for enquiry outcome to provide clarification.

We have removed:

  • all reference to end-point assessment (EPA) (details of EPA policies can be found on this page). 

The aim and audience of this policy remains unchanged by this update, with the additions and amendments being added to support our centres and provide additional clarity on existing processes.

Please note that this policy is not intended to incorporate references to ongoing Covid-19 adaptations or alternative awarding arrangements, and we will publish details of the arrangements for post-results services in 2020-21 soon, on our approach to awarding. 

The updated our Enquires about Results and Assessment Decisions Policy can be found on QualHub.