Environment Agency endorses Engineering Qualification from NCFE

The NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Engineering has been endorsed by the Environment Agency as it supports learners to gain the valuable skills necessary for the beginning of a career in engineering.

The Environment Agency joins the Society of Operations Engineers as another reputable organisation to endorse the qualification, which is a strong indication of how the industry views the qualification and how it provides exciting future prospects for learners. The endorsement showcases the qualification as being fit for purpose, meeting the needs of industry therefore closing workforce skills gaps.

The Environment Agency works to create better places for people and wildlife, and supports sustainable development. Within England, it is responsible for regulating major industry and water companies, treatment of contaminated land, water quality, fisheries, conservation and ecology, along with managing the risk of flooding, and various other responsibilities.

Mark Garratt is the Deputy Director, Business Implementation and Skills at the Environment Agency. Mark commented on the endorsement: “The Environment Agency chose to endorse the NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Engineering as we want to support young people into engineering and other technical careers. Bringing young people in to the workforce will increase our talent pool and we will all benefit from the creative solutions they develop to help us create a better place for people and the environment. As an organisation, we are committed to diversity and value the cognitive difference young people bring to our work areas.

“We believe that this qualification will benefit all learners, as it requires them to gain valuable skills in team work, communication, problem solving and practical working. There is a shortage of these skills, and engineering skills, nationally and this qualification allows learners to take a practical approach to learning, gaining all of these skills, while experiencing the problems faced by engineers first hand.”

For young people looking to enter the industry, Mark advised: “Work hard, keep focused, explore your options and remain open minded. Engineering is vast – you can design new ways to protect people’s homes from floods, harness nature to reduce the impacts of climate change and develop new technologies to improve what we do and engage others in how we do it.

He continues: “Opportunities are growing in this industry, the number of high quality apprenticeships are increasing and a greater focus placed on technical education by the government will support young people to enter the workplace through a wider range of options.”

Lucy Thompson, Product Manager at NCFE, commented: “We are delighted that the Environment Agency has recognised the value that the NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Engineering brings to the advancement of opportunities for learners in the sector. This endorsement helps us to demonstrate the importance of linking qualifications to careers and identifying pathways that learners can undertake to ensure that they are able to move forwards in their chosen field. Completing qualifications that develop skills and knowledge addressing national shortages is absolutely essential for young people to maximise their future employment success. It is of huge significance that a non-departmental public body acknowledges that the NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Engineering does just that.”

The NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Engineering is designed for learners who want an introduction to engineering that includes a vocational and project-based element. This qualification is now approved in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Key Stage 4 Performance Tables and is available for registrations now.

To find out more about this qualification, please visit QualHub.

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