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NCFE Data Analysis qualification developed by data experts, Tesco Bank and the ROSEN Group 

Our Level 2 Certificate in Data Analysis has been developed in collaboration with Tesco Bank, the ROSEN Group and other data experts. This qualification is designed for learners who want to improve their knowledge and skills of data analysis and will support learners in a number of sectors and job roles where an understanding of data analysis is required.

Kirsten Keenan, Reporting and Insight Business Support Analyst at Tesco Bank, shared her wealth of knowledge and expertise with NCFE to ensure this qualification covers the fundamental aspects of data analysis and that it is relevant in practice. A key part of Kirsten’s role is using data analysis software to produce meaningful data to support commentary she provides to management and wider stakeholders to understand the performance of Tesco Bank, along with supporting the fulfilment of their customer reward programme.

Kirsten said: “Data analysis is a growing skills requirement, as businesses in all sectors are evolving to meet their customer needs for the future and are using new technologies. Data analysis is required in all major businesses to operate efficiently - by using data to streamline processes, customer communications and pull together data to make future business decisions.

“The Level 2 Certificate in Data Analysis will help provide analysts or those in management roles dealing with data analysis, with a good understanding of this field of work. This qualification is suitable for learners in a management role who want to enhance their analytical knowledge, or those starting out in or seeking a Data Analyst role.

“I really enjoyed working with NCFE on the development of this qualification and it was a great opportunity to share my expertise and knowledge on the subject. NCFE are passionate about creating content for learners which will be beneficial to their development and directly related to the workforce.”

As a chartered Chemical Engineer and Senior Engineer at the ROSEN Group, Michael Smith is responsible for the development of new asset integrity technologies and their applications, with a specific focus on data analytics.

Michael commented: “Everything is digital these days and that produces a huge amount of data. At the very least, businesses need people that can manage, summarise and interpret data.

“Many businesses are also trying to monetise their data by using it to optimise investment decisions, or by selling data‑based services. This often requires more advanced data analytics and computing skills.

“Data analysis skills are now important in a wide variety of subject areas, but colleges and universities only really teach them as part of traditionally ‘quantitative’ subjects, such as Mathematics/Statistics or Computer Science. The Level 2 Certificate in Data Analysis introduces the fundamental concepts of data analysis, and this should support many learners in future jobs.

“Working with NCFE to develop this qualification was a great experience. NCFE was very receptive to recommendations on course content and clearly determined to meet the requirements of businesses.”

Karl Anderson, Qualifications Developer at NCFE said: “The input of industry expert stakeholders is essential in ensuring that our qualifications are current, fit for purpose and reflective of industry roles in practice.  Through collaborative working with a variety of vocational experts such as Kirsten we are able to develop relative content and comprehensive support with delivery and assessment. By working collaboratively with sector stakeholders early in the qualification development, we give them the chance to influence and shape the end product prior to its launch, ensuring learners are acquiring the knowledge that is really valued by employers.”

For more information on this qualification, please visit our Qualhub website.

At NCFE, we welcome this collaborative approach and we’re always looking for new stakeholders to support us with our developments. If you’d like to find out more, please contact Vicky Marlee.