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System links and support guides

On this page you can find links to our EPA systems and a number of support guides to assist you in using them for EPA administration and delivery.


The SEPA system is EPA Plus’ EPA registration and administration portal. This guide will show you, step by step, how to register your apprentices, put them through Gateway, set up new users for the platform and much more.

You can access the SEPA system using this link

EPA Resources library

All our EPA guidance documents, and support materials are hosted within the EPA resources library. You can access the system using this link


Surpass is our secure testing facility for the digital delivery of written tests (Multiple Choice Questionnaires, Short Answer Questionnaires, Situational Judgement Tests). This guide should be followed if delivering digital tests with an in-person invigilator.

SecureClient can be downloaded from the secure delivery tab on this link, instructions are also shared with the named invigilator when the test is booked.

ProctorExam (Online invigilation)

ProctorExam is a proctoring (remote invigilation) platform that works in conjunction with Surpass, enabling the digital delivery of tests without the need for an invigilator. Find out more by watching this video. If delivering a proctored assessment, use this guide only, the Surpass guide is not necessary for proctored assessments.

Candidates need access to a smart phone, laptop or PC and have Wi-Fi/Internet.

This guide, for candidates, provides step by step instructions for setting up and running a proctored assessment. We've also created video demonstrations for apprentices on how to use the proctoring system: Conducting a pre-assessment system test & Starting a proctored assessment

These assessments are booked by an EPA Plus Independent End-Point Assessor and information is then sent directly to the apprentice with guidance on how to check their system and equipment and take the test.



EPA Plus SEPA User Guide

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Surpass/SecureClient user guide

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ProctorExam (remote invigilation user guide)

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