Maintaining impartiality

The structure of an EPA is designed to ensure that those making a decision on the competency of an apprentice are totally impartial.This means that an assessment must either be conducted by an independent third party, or in a way that ensures no party involved in the management or training of the apprentice can make the sole decision on competence and passing the EPA – via a panel of experts, for example.

What this means for training providers and employers

Employers will need to decide if they want their training provider to source/recommend an EPAO or if they want to choose one themselves.

Training providers will need to work with an EPAO to make sure their delivery style and content matches what’s expected of learners at EPA stage.

If the delivery is in-house, an independent EPAO will need to be appointed to assess.

Employers and training providers will both need to consider the cost of EPA to make sure that the money drawn down is sufficient for both training and assessment.

Both training providers and employers will need to make sure their learners are prepared for EPA to maximise the opportunity for the learner to achieve their apprenticeship.

In summary…..

NCFE are keen to work with you to support your employers and learners with EPA and all aspects of the apprenticeship reforms.

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