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The Role of the Training Provider

The core role of the training provider is to take on the responsibility for ensuring that the apprentice receives all of the training required to achieve a successful apprenticeship and complete the end-point assessment (EPA).  This will include:

  • Carrying out comprehensive initial assessment to ensure a good match between apprentice and apprenticeship standard
  • Developing a detailed development program  and agreeing the apprenticeship duration
  • Delivering any training to develop the knowledge skills and behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standard
  • Carrying out regular progress reviews and ongoing assessments
  • Provide specific support to meet apprentices additional needs
  • Preparation for the apprentices’ EPA
  • Supporting your decision for choice of End- Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

It is also the training providers role to ensure that the apprentice is eligible for and has the required entry qualifications for the agreed upon apprenticeship.

Types of apprenticeship training provider

Most employers use an external training organisation to provide the Apprenticeship training.  There are 3 types of apprenticeship training provider on the register of apprenticeship training providers:

  • main provider - enters into contracts with employers that use the apprenticeship service to pay for apprenticeship training or holds a contract with ESFA to deliver to employers who do not pay the apprenticeship levy
  • supporting provider - enters into subcontracts with main providers and employer providers to enhance apprenticeship training for employers and their apprentices
  • employer provider – trains their own employees or those of connected companies and uses the apprenticeship service to pay for the apprenticeship training.

Questions you may consider to ask your Training Provider

Background and performance history

  • What experience do you have in providing training for my business sector?
  • How long have you been providing apprenticeship training, and what experience do your trainers and assessors have?
  • Do you currently work with any similar businesses to mine, and can you put me in touch with satisfied clients or offer testimonials?
  • Can you give me a copy of your last Ofsted inspection report and your most recent full year success rates?
  • What other quality marks, if any, do you currently hold?
  • Do you offer recruitment support such as writing job descriptions, screening applicants and so on?
  • Do you have any students ready to take Apprenticeship training?

Costs and facilities

  • What funding do you receive from the Government to support the costs of training?
  • What contribution, if any, will I be expected to make towards the cost of training?
  • Are there any other costs involved, such as registration fees, travel costs and so on?
  • What facilities and equipment do you have to support the training, and will I be expected to provide or pay for any?
  • How is the Apprenticeship training delivered (for example, will the apprentice be on day release, on site, how often, where at)?

Delivery of training

  • Which Apprenticeship qualifications are you accredited to deliver?
  • Can the Apprenticeship be tailored to meet the needs of my business and this particular job role?
  • Can you deliver training out of hours (for example, to keep to any shift work requirements)?
  • How can you help me to recruit apprentices?
  • How are individual training needs assessed to make sure my apprentice is on the right qualification at the right level?
  • How often will you visit the workplace to carry out assessments and review the apprentice’s progress?
  • How do other employers in my sector normally structure their Apprenticeships?
  • Can an apprentice start the Apprenticeship at any time of year or are there restrictions on entry points?
  • How much extra work will the apprentice need to do each week on top of their main job and the off-the-job training?
  • How will you keep me informed about the progress of candidates?