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Core Maths

A great addition to your curriculum

NCFE is proud to offer the Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Everyday Life (Core Maths).

Core Maths is a great addition to your curriculum and provides learners with the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence by using maths to solve meaningful and relevant problems.

Learners won’t be short changed

Core Maths is designed to help your learners become competent, fluent and accurate in numeracy concepts.

Support your post-16 learners to develop tangible and concrete maths knowledge to help them get on in life, whether that’s going on to university, further academic or vocational education, or employment. Core Maths is perfect for bridging the knowledge gap between GCSE and Higher Education studies.

Some of the key themes covered in this qualification are:

  • Understanding personal finance
  • Understanding commerce
  • Understanding chance
  • Understanding data.

Core Maths is suitable for learners who are:

  • progressing from GCSEs
  • following functional skills
  • aspiring to university
  • on a Study Programme
  • stepping onto the job ladder
  • learning life skills.

Find out more about what learners can gain from Core Maths in our information sheet.

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