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Two leading sector experts, one EPA Accountancy offer

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NCFE and ATT – the power of our partnership behind your apprenticeship success 

To help you ensure apprentice success, we’ve partnered with the Association of Taxation Technicians (ATT) to combine our market-leading end-point assessment (EPA) service with support and guidance from the industry experts at ATT.  

Benefit from: 
A sector-leading EPA service 
  • Complete EPAs within 8 weeks of your Gateway acceptance date 
  • Feedback and results within 5 working days (including final results) 
  • No fees for changing your start date before Gateway. 
  • No upfront registration fees 
  • A dedicated EPA customer relationship team 
  • Compliance to standards set out by IFATE  
  • On-demand testing and re-sits  
Support that drives EPA success 

As an apprenticeship provider, you can rest assured knowing that our learning resources – plus ATT’s in-depth knowledge and expertise – will ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your apprentices. 

But that’s not all, we also offer on-demand testing for the EPA itself and a 5-day results turnaround for accountancy standards, making us the leading EPAO for turnaround times.   

Our Accountancy standards 

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Why choose us for apprenticeships
  • Our pre-programme support and robust skills assessment tools set apprentices up for success by accurately reviewing their starting points – including our innovative One Assessment tool, which enables apprentices to complete both English and maths initial assessment in 30 minutes
  • We offer a range of qualifications for a number of apprenticeship standards, from mandatory to those that are advisory and complement the delivery of particular apprenticeships 
  • Our Functional Skills qualifications have a market-leading 6-day results turnaround to maximise learner engagement, and offer on-demand and remotely invigilated assessment  
  • As one of the largest and most well-established EPAOs in the UK, we put provider and apprentice success at the heart of what we do to ensure the best possible outcomes and impact
  • Our specialist team provides exceptional service to support you throughout the apprenticeship journey.