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Top Exam Tips

To support our centres to prepare their learners for Functional Skills external assessments NCFE have produced some top exam tips for you.

These have been compiled by our Chief Examiners and provide useful exam tips for you to pass on to your learners. The tips are a great companion for the online tutorials and Chief Examiner Reports that we also provide.

[icon]Top exam tips - English Reading

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their English Reading exam!

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their English Writing exam![icon]Top exam tips - Maths

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their maths exam![icon]Top exam tips - ICT

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their ICT exam!


ForSkills is an NCFE owned company, so because of that, all NCFE Centres get free access to the platform! This means you can complete initial assessments, diagnostics and have access to a full suite of online learning resources to support your learners at the level they require.

ForSkills have lots of free resources and video tutorials available for maths, English and ICT on ForSkills YouTube channel.

For more information on how ForSkills can support your delivery, visit our dedicated ForSkills page

Sample Papers

Our sample assessments are designed to give you an indication of how our live assessment materials look. They also give your learners the opportunity to practice sitting a Functional Skills assessment.

Please note that because our live assessments are from a set, they cannot, and must not, be kept for revision purposes; and must only be seen by the learner sitting the live assessment. The sample assessments below are the only papers that should be used for learners to practice and prepare for their live assessments.

NCFE creates one set of papers for both online and paper based assessments to ensure comparability between the 2 formats. You’ll find the mark schemes for the papers in the paper based sample folders and these are applicable for the online sample paper too. Once you’ve selected ‘Finish’ you aren’t able to go back to the online sample paper and you should advise your learner to leave the assessment open so that you can mark it. We recommend using the paper based sample papers for assessment purposes and the online assessment papers for functionality and familiarity purposes.

Our sample papers can be downloaded from the table below. The first set of papers are our online web based packaged assessments, we currently have one packaged exam for each level, however if you wish to sit more you can book online tests though our online assessment system.

Online Sample Papers

English Papers

Mark Schemes

Reading Level 1 Sample

Reading Level 1 Mark Scheme

Writing Level 1 Sample

Writing Level 1 Mark Scheme

Reading Level 2 Sample

Reading Level 2 Mark Scheme

Writing Level 2 Sample

Writing Level 2 Mark Scheme

Maths Papers

Mark Schemes

Maths Level 1 Sample

Maths Level 1 Mark Scheme

Maths Level 2 Sample

Maths Level 2 Mark Scheme

ICT Papers

Mark Schemes

ICT Level 1 Sample

ICT Level 1 Mark Scheme

ICT Level 2 Sample

ICT Level 2 Mark Scheme

Paper based sample papers

English sample papers Maths sample papers ICT sample papers

Entry Level 1

Entry Level 1

Entry Level 1

Entry Level 2

Entry Level 2

Entry Level 2

Entry Level 3

Entry Level 3

Entry Level 3

Level 1

Level 1

Level 1

Level 2

Level 2

Level 2

Exemplar Materials

NCFE have created a free resource to support both your delivery team and your learners’ knowledge around external assessments.

These materials have been created by our team of examiners using real life responses from retire external assessment papers. Their aim is to show how marks are applied to a range of questions and identifying why learners gain marks and common areas where they fail to pick up mark.

Access our Exemplar materials now

If you’re not already approved for the above qualifications, but would like further information, please contact your local Business Development representative who’ll be more than happy to help

Please Note: This offer is only available to NCFE Centres with learners registered on NCFE qualifications, or centres intending to register learners on these qualifications within 3 months