Results in 6 working days

NCFE are still turning round all external assessment results in 6 working days!

So how does this work?

It is simple…you book your external assessment for a date & time that suits you and your learner…that’s it!

…for online assessments:

The 6 working days will start on the day the learner has completed their external assessment and it’s been successfully uploaded to the online system.

…for paper based external assessments:

The 6 working days will start on the day NCFE receives your papers, all of which need to be returned fully and correctly completed along with the Invigilator’s Register, by 1pm. Please note it doesn’t start from the date the learner sits their external assessment.

The only exception to this timeframe will be if there are any issues relating to the papers not being returned correctly or any potential malpractice/maladministration issues being raised. In such circumstances you’ll be contacted by NCFE to notify you of any issues.

So along with our on demand assessments, you can book your external assessments online or paper based whenever suits you best and you’ll now receive your results within 6 working days which is great news for you and your learners!

Matt Herbert, Quality Support Officer at Hampshire County Council.

NCFE is continually improving its service offer, for example with the implementation of the six-day turnaround of results, which was a bonus for us. This fast turnaround has made it a lot easier for us to keep on track, especially during busy exam periods when we would previously have had a sudden influx of 30 or 40 results.


The six-day turnaround of results was the key factor in our decision to choose NCFE. Our previous provider had a results turnaround of at least four weeks which was unacceptable to us – NCFE’s six-day offer has meant we can arrange re-sits much more quickly if necessary to fit in with our tight funding and completion deadlines.