Support Materials

We have tons of free resources to help in your delivery of our Functional Skills qualifications. These materials are for use by both the Assessors and the Learners.

Free Chief Examiner Reports

We publish marking window reports for each Functional Skills subject every 8 weeks. The Chief Examiner provides details on the positives and negatives of each marking window to guide you to areas that are doing well and not so well. These are generic reports but give you a good indication of areas to concentrate on and, alongside your free ForSkills materials, should help you identify where learners need support.

Chief Examiner Reports for English

Chief Examiner Reports for Maths

Chief Examiner Reports for ICT

Top Exam Tips

To support our centres to prepare their learners for Functional Skills external assessments NCFE have produced some top exam tips for you.

These have been compiled by our Chief Examiners and provide useful exam tips for you to pass on to your learners. The tips are a great companion for the online tutorials and Chief Examiner Reports that we also provide.

[icon]Top exam tips - Maths

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their maths exam!

[icon]Top exam tips - ICT

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their ICT exam!

[icon]Top exam tips - English Reading

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their English Reading exam!

[icon]Top exam tips - English Writing

This document provides you with some tips to help your learners ace their English Writing exam!

Transfer of achievement for the Functional Skills English components

Transfer of achievement is available to individual candidates who’ve not achieved an overall Functional Skills qualification in English, but who have achieved individual components within their qualification who started their qualification with one Awarding Organisation (AO) and are unable to complete their Functional Skills qualification with that AO (AO – AO transfer).

Certificates/Component Summaries will not have any indication that a transfer of achievement has taken place and will simply state that the component is ‘achieved’.

Transfer of Achievement Process

AO - AO Transfer Application Form

Free Amplification Resources

Our Amplification Guides are perfect for centres that are up-skilling their vocational staff and assessors to support the delivery of Functional Skills and also for subject specialists looking for practical examples of how to explain the application of Functional Skills.

The guides:

  • show how the standards are tested in the Functional Skills questions and their mark schemes using the NCFE sample assessments as examples
  • explain how the coverage and range is developed, using the  adult core curricula to add detail as to what should be taught for each range statement
  • illustrate the coverage and range with practical examples of how they are used in life and work.

These resources have been developed with support from NCFE centres and their feedback has helped to inform both the structure and the content. We also worked with a number of vocational Assessors and subject specialists who have used these resources to support CPD and the feedback has been very positive

English Amplification Guide

Maths Amplification Guide

ICT Amplification Guide