ForSkills Resource Request Form

If you'd like to receive access to ForSkills you must be an approved NCFE and have approval to run Functional Skills. This offer entitles you to a free ForSkills credit for each learner registration, with an initial 50 free credits in advance to get you started. Once you've submitted this form we’ll verify your details and arrange for your account to be set up with ForSkills, who’ll email you directly with login information. We'll monitor your credit usage and, provided you're registering learners in line with the number of credits you're using, we'll keep your credits topped up.

Please provide you centre address :

I understand that FREE resources are offered in conjunction with the registration of learners with NCFE. I accept that, whilst these registrations don't need to be made ahead of using this offer, NCFE reserve the right to charge my Centre for all credits used without a corresponding registration​ being made within 3 months.