Free ForSkills Tutorials

ForSkills not only offer our Functional Skills customers free initial assessments and diagnostic tools through their Skillsbuilder platform, they’re now offering free online tutorials as part of their ForU series!

They have produced some short tutorials for both English and maths Functional Skills learners that provide exam technique tips and help on those tricky fractions and punctuation dilemmas that your learners may be having!

These are great supplementary support tools that can run alongside your main delivery programme and can help you give that extra support to your learners. Please click on the links below to view the titled tutorials:

If you don’t always have access to the internet and think this is going to prevent you from using the ForSkills offer – fear not!! ForSkills is available OFFLINE too! For more information please watch the below video:

 ForSkills Offline

If you have any questions regarding our ForSkills offer for Functional Skills please speak to your Customer Support Assistant for further information.