Free online assessments & resources from ForSkills

ForSkills were the first company to introduce an online Functional Skills package in the UK, and have since successfully delivered millions of assessments for the leading training providers and colleges in the country.

By gaining approval for Functional Skills with NCFE, we can provide you with FREE access to a range of ForSkills resources:

Initial and diagnostic assessments

The ForSkills’ initial assessment uniquely measures both a learner’s overall working-towards level from Pre-entry to Level 2, and their spiky profile. The English initial assessment will show the levels for reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar, and the maths initial assessment will display the section levels of number; measures, shape and space; and handling data. The assessments include a built-in dyslexia and dyscalculia screener.

The diagnostic assessment is the crucial second cog of the process. Done properly, it will shorten the learner journey and motivate them toward the final test. On completion, the diagnostics provide each learner with a colour-coded individual skills plan (ISP) that clearly displays the topics that the learner is competent in and their skills gaps. Links on the skills plan direct the learner to the specific resources they need to cement their gaps.

Interactive resources

ForSkills provide hundreds of ground-breaking video resources covering all the key topics in Functional Skills English and maths. Their practice skills questions are self-marking, providing your learners with hints and feedback just like their own online tutor. Summative assessments are the final part of the process and will assess a learner’s competency in a topic and then automatically sign it off the learner’s ISP.

Tracking and progression

The ISPs allow easy tracking of the learner journey. Targets may be set, both individual and group targets, and portfolio evidence recorded. The system will recommend when a learner is ready to take a diagnostic at the next level, allowing for smooth and easy progression. Alternatively, a distance-travelled diagnostic may be set to measure progress by topic. Reports capture and measure progression by individual learner, topic, group or whole institution – a key area for Ofsted.

Additional products

ForSkills supply a range of additional products that are not available through an NCFE licence. These include assessments in GCSE, ESOL, learning styles, PLTS and mechanical comprehension. They also provide a comprehensive e-portfolio system that comes preloaded with qualification standards and will enable you to assess and track your learners through their entire apprenticeship framework.

To find out more about these products please contact ForSkills directly.

Below is a glimpse of the hundreds of video tutorials and support guides you get FREE with Skillsbuilder.

Functional Skills Exam success in English writing

Complex sentences

Functional Skills Exam success in English reading


Functional Skills Exam success in Maths

Implicit meaning

Functional Skills Maths learner journey


Functional Skills English learner journey

Possessive apostrophes

Please note: These resources are free of charge and whilst you don't need to have registered learners before ordering, we would like you to have registered your learners within 3 months or we will charge you a fee of £5 per credit.

So how does my centre get access to ForSkills through NCFE?

If you are an approved NCFE Functional Skills centre your programme contact will need to complete our online form here If you have any questions or the programme contact has changed please contact your Customer Support Advisor and they will be able to assist you.

If you have not yet signed up to NCFE’s Functional Skills qualifications you will receive your ForSkills approval email and log in details once you apply for approval to run our Functional Skills qualifications.



We reserve the right to:

1. Withdraw the service from customers who use the ForSkills package but don’t register any Functional Skills learners with NCFE. In this instance we will also charge you a rate of £5 per credit used. You won’t be charged if you don’t use any of the initial credits issued.

2. Vary the number of credits issued per licence.

3. Remove or amend the free service provided by ForSkills.

Non-NCFE customers or those customers who wish to use the ForSkills platform without registering learners with NCFE can purchase directly from ForSkills.

Visit for more information.