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Addressing the digital skills gap

Each year, digital skills become an increasingly essential requirement for those looking to enter or progress within the labour market. In fact, employers state that one-third of all vacancies they find difficult to fill are attributed to lack of appropriate baseline digital skills amongst applicants.

  • Roles involving digital skills are 59% less likely to become at risk to automation
  • Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% over those that do not
  • In 20 years 90% of jobs will require digital skills
  • Digital Skills are essential entry requirements for two-thirds of UK occupations
  • 3 million people (21%) lack full basic digital skills

Support the digital skills revolution

Whatever the level, our range of accessible, easy to deliver digital skills qualifications ensure nobody is left excluded from the job market.

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The expertise to get your learners further

We’re experts in equipping learners with the digital skills they need to succeed. It’s why we were awarded the contract to develop Digital T Levels.

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NCFE Digital Skills – providing the key to workforce inclusion

Our team of experts can help you build funded employability programmes that give your learners the essential digital skills they need to unlock the labour market.

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