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Government has already launched a number of initiatives designed to boost youth employment and support economic recovery, including:

  • An ‘opportunity guarantee’ that will give young people ‘the chance of an apprenticeship or an in-work placement’ to help them develop their skills and find work.
  • The £2bn ‘kickstart scheme’ that will cover the wages of young people on universal credit through a six month work placement.
  • An additional investment of more than £100m to support substantial growth in traineeship

Government focus on and investment in youth employability is of course very welcome.  Ensuring that young people have the support they need to build their skills, confidence and careers must, in our view, remain a top priority for Government – and all of us.

NCFE is determined to play our part, working with colleges, training providers and willing partners across the sector and beyond.  We are clear that we can, and should, reach beyond the conventional role of an ‘awarding organisation’ to work in close, open collaboration with providers to design and deliver programmes that really work.

That’s why we’re launching the ‘go the distance’ initiative – to help colleges and training providers design and deliver brilliant, outcome-focussed employability programmes and support that will give learners the best possible chance of finding, staying and progressing in work during the most challenging times most of us have ever known.

Through the initiative, we’ll be:

  • Conducting research and analysis to distil what works in employability provision, learning lessons from previous downturns and international experience;
  • Preparing outline course overviews and schemes of work which reflect that insight, and which providers can use to develop their employability provision;
  • Drawing together funding-optimised qualification bundles which reflect those course overviews and schemes of work;
  • Preparing learning resources and activities which providers can use to support both online and face-to-face delivery of employability programmes; and,
  • Deploying innovative new tools, like Peertutor, to support employability provision.

Our overarching goal for the ‘go the distance’ initiative is simple: help young people prepare for, quickly find, stay and progress in work such that they can develop their careers in spite of the impact of the coronavirus. 

We don’t want young people to look back on the early 2020s as the period in which they lost their way.  We don’t want to look back on the early 2020s and feel like we didn’t do enough.  If you share our determination to act, we’d love to work with you.

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Facts and figures

Uncertainty that the pandemic has caused has had a huge effect on people’s confidence in their future security. Recent YouGov research commissioned by CIPD shows that:

  • 22% of people said it was likely they would lose their job in the next 12 months, compared to just 13% in January 2020.
  • 38% of furloughed workers think it likely they’ll lose their job in the next 12 months.
  • 39% think their financial security has worsened since the COVID-19 outbreak – rising to 57% for furloughed workers.
  • 30% said their ability to work has been impacted by a change in caring responsibilities since the outbreak.

During the pandemic….

  • Universal Credit claims at their peak were running at 7 times their usual levels. 
  • The number of job vacancies has fallen by 60%.

It’s predicted that by 2030…

  • We risk having 3 million more low and intermediate skilled workers than jobs available.
  • We have a shortfall of 2.5 million higher skilled workers compared to potential employer demand.


We have 170 years of experience at the forefront of technical education, supporting people into meaningful employment at all stages of their lives.

Our vision is to promote and advance learning – to create a world where learners are prepared now and for the future, whatever it might hold.

The various elements that the NCFE Group provides, enhances the learner’s overall journey and experience. They develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for their future careers and to gain full time employment.