Replacement Certificates

When you've completed your course, the company or centre who provided your training should've provided you with your certificate. We only hold records from 2008 onwards so we won't be able to provide a replacement certificate if you achieved your qualification before this.

If the certificate you were given when you completed your course has been lost, damaged,  or you have undergone gender reassignment and you would like the certificate in your preferred name; just complete the form below. If we can find a record of your achievement we will issue and post a new certificate within ten working days of your payment clearing.

If you’re requesting a new certificate due to a spelling error or an error with the name showing on your original certificate please contact the training centre you completed your qualification through and they'll be able to request a replacement on your behalf.

The cost of a replacement certificate is £35.

If you have any questions please email us - [email protected]. 


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