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Regional learning opportunities

Nothing should stand in the way of ambition, and it’s our goal to support individuals and organisations with training and reskilling. We offer hundreds of funded qualifications to help make education accessible for all, and remove barriers for adult learners looking to progress in education, employment and life.   

Our qualifications can help  learners with re-entering the workplace and to address the skills gaps in specific industries and regions. These qualifications are eligible for  adult education budget (AEB), come with comprehensive learning resources, and importantly, are recognised by employers  for their relevance, rigour and quality. Plus, our short, sharp, flexible solutions are ideal for distance learning.  

Funding futures 

We make it quick and easy  to keep up-to-date with funding policy, explore new business opportunities and fulfil regional and national skills needs. Our programmes and resources help to provide maximum impact for  adult learners. 

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Go the distance 

Through our go the distance initiative, we want to:  

  • Provide a range of qualifications that will give people the best possible chance of finding employment in growing sectors 
  • Reassure employers that adults coming from different sectors have the skills they need to make the transition into a new industry 
  • Support adults seeking to start their own business by showing them how to make their dreams a reality 
  • Work with providers to offer regional expertise and help them build a curriculum which maps local priorities. 

You can fund many of these qualifications using the AEB. 

Devolved Adult Education Budget

Several local areas in England, known as Mayoral Combined Authorities (MCAs), are now responsible for their own AEB. The MCAs use these budgets to address education and training needs for those people aged 19 and above in their areas.  

We’ve put together packages that can support individuals to build back better. From reskilling and support for re-entering the workplace, to aligning a programme to the skills gaps specifically for a region, take a look at the packages we’ve designed for: 

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