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Prepare for placement – Early Years and Childcare learners

Here you’ll find the preparing for placement programme for early years and childcare learners. This tool helps learners get ready while they wait to begin or re-enter their placements. 

We’ve also mapped out *(excel attachment to be confirmed)* how the programme topic areas may help learners achieve their qualification’s learning outcomes. 

Use childminding provision as a placement opportunity 

With ongoing difficulties getting learners into placements, childminding provision could give learners a valuable experience of childcare.  

Read our guidance *(New file to be attached)*

Year one learners  

Year one learners have three modules to work through. Resources include videos, activities and a VR experience of a nursery setting with NurseryVue. 

Year two learners

Year 2 learners have one module exploring reflective practice with tasks and research to do independently. They can also explore NurseryVue for an immersive VR experience of childcare.  

Watch our previous webinar 

Preparing for placement programme Q&A (December 2020) 

Watch the webinar 


NurseryVue is an immersive VR experience created with Level 2 and Level 3 Early Years and Childcare learners in mind. We designed NurseryVue in consultation with learners, tutors, and subject specialists to accurately represent a day at work in a nursery. 

Learners will have to consider health and safety in a vibrant, busy nursery setting. They’ll develop their knowledge of topics like nutrition, physical care, managing sickness, risks and hazards. 

We’ve adapted NurseryVue so you can use it on a PC without a VR headset. Every topic is introduced and includes an interactive exercise within the nursery. Then, learners test their knowledge with three multiple choice questions.  

View our guide *(New file to be attached)* to learn how to download NurseryVue on compatible devices.  

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