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Onboarding FAQs

Here you'll find a range of FAQs designed to support new centres, ranging from information on finding resources to support your delivery, to information about the approval process and costs. 

If there are resources for the qualification you're looking at, they will be on the qualification information page, in the Support materials, Additional materials and/or Teaching materials sections. To find qualification information pages, simply visit the Qualifications page and search using the qualification name or number.

We will accept late bookings at a later date if absolutely required – however, the sooner a booking is made, the more efficient the submission process will be to ensure that all eligible learners receive an outcome from their cancelled external assessment.

To access the controlled assessment materials for Reformed Functional Skills, you'll need to log in to the Portal and book your learners in for their controlled assessments. Further guidance on how to do this is available in the Portal user guide. Once your learners have been booked onto a controlled assessment you will have access to the relevant assessment materials which you can download directly from the Bookings page of the Portal.

Functional Skills are not directly equivalent to GCSEs. NCFE qualifications are regulated at the same level of learning as other awarding organisations – i.e. an NCFE Level 1 qualification is regulated to the same level of learning as an AQA Level 1 qualification. Functional Skills are often accepted as an alternative to GCSEs, however this is at the discretion of training providers or employers. For further information on any of our qualifications, please see the qualification information page. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Support team on [email protected] or via Live Chat on our website.

Becoming an approved centre couldn't be easier. For our standard fees, please see our Fees and pricing documents. For more information or support please contact our Customer Support Team on 0191 239 8000.

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