Achieving Excellence in a Vocational Skill

The NCFE Achieving Excellence qualifications suite aims to recognise the achievements of learners, whatever their chosen vocational area and wherever they are learning.

The growing interest in WorldSkills produced a significant increase in local, regional and national skills competitions in recent years. Selection for the UK WorldSkills squad is increasingly based on success in a skills competition. Colleges, training providers and employers across the UK are becoming more involved in skills competitions of all kinds, and the numbers of learners now taking part is also increasing. The Performance Excellence qualifications offered during WorldSkills 2011 have been revised and updated into the NCFE Achieving Excellence qualifications suite, which makes them relevant to any vocational learner who takes part in a skills competition.

Achieving excellence in the working environment

In addition to skills competition, Achieving Excellence has wider relevance to work-related learning. In an increasingly competitive employment market, the ability of vocational learners, especially younger learners, to demonstrate excellence beyond competence in a job role is becoming more important.  

Apprenticeship frameworks

Within this wider context, the new Achieving Excellence qualifications have been developed to be an appropriate offer to learners within an Apprenticeship framework. The concept of Achieving Excellence directly addresses many of the concerns of government about improving the quality of apprenticeships. In addition, some of the qualifications in the Achieving Excellence suite were developed to enable people to demonstrate achievement of Personal Learning and Thinking Skills within an Apprenticeship framework. 

Studio schools and university technical colleges

The NCFE Achieving Excellence qualifications suite has been developed to include options appropriate for learners in Studio Schools and UTCs. Level 2 Certificate in Achieving Excellence in a Vocational Skill will be particularly relevant to this group. 

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