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Responding to employer needs – new course delivers key skills for the care sector

Recent research into the care market has shown a skills gap in the care sector relating to important areas, such as person-centred care, service improvement and much more.

The good news for delivery providers is Learning Curve Group have created a course based on a mix of regulated units. This unitised course is known as Understanding and Maintaining Essential Quality Standards in the Care Sector.Learning Curve image

What’s more this unitised course is also available to those looking to utilise ESF funding within the health and social care sector.   (In some instances contract holders can enrol learners who already have Level 3 or higher attainment as long as the course is not classed as a full Level 2.  This means providers could create a mix of accredited units from different Level 2 qualifications and offer these to learners who fit into this prior attainment category.  They then draw down a rate based on the number of unit credits they achieve.)

The aim of this course is to increase the knowledge and confidence of individuals that are working within the care environment.  The programme focuses on all of the important areas identified in the employer research such as person-centred care; safeguarding; service improvement and maintaining quality standards.

The programme is also separated in to 2 workbooks but delivered as one course:

Workbook 1

Workbook 2

Next Steps!

To gain approval you use the simple online process by using our qualification finder or the below links and add the qualifications to your shortlist, then complete our short online approval form. You can either select the units individually or select the 2 qualifications listed below.

You can check whether you have approval to deliver the units via the portal, or by contacting your Customer Support Advisor.


Each unit is priced at £13 and will be included in your monthly invoice statement.

Learners will receive a Letter of Unit Credit for each unit achieved. The Letters of Unit Credit can be used to transfer credits under Accreditation of Prior Learning and Achievement within a number of NCFE QCF qualifications.

Your learner registrations will need to be made on to the units directly. To support this, NCFE has created a CSV upload file to make this more streamlined. LINK

If you have any questions regarding the purchase of material, delivery services, ESF - please contact Learning Curve 0330 660 0603.

For support on approval to deliver the units, registration, quality assurance, Direct Claim Status and certification for this programme, please contact your NCFE Customer Support Advisor or Graham Thompson on 0191 239 8000.