NCFE Resources

At NCFE, we're committed to providing you with easy access to a range of useful resources and documents to help you with the delivery of our qualifications.

Qualification Support Packs

Qualification Support Packs are broken down into 3 sections:

  • Schemes of Work, Session Plans and supporting delivery resources
  • supporting document templates (for you to personalise for your learners) 
  • guides to best practice.

Are there any other benefits?

  • they provide examples of how to prepare for delivering our qualifications
  • they’re provided in a usable and editable format so you can tailor them to suit your own needs
  • many also cover questioning techniques or methods of assessment.

Our qualification support packs support qualifications in Health and Social Care, Renewable Energy and Higher Level Studies, to name a few. These resources include many of our Apprenticeship qualifications too.

To find the Qualification support packs simply visit our qualification search, find the qualification page you are looking for and click on the Resources tab. 

Course File Documents

When you deliver an NCFE qualification you’ll be supported by an External Quality Assurer (EQA). When you register learners you’ll be allocated an EQA who will visit you to provide support and guidance.  Your EQA will complete a report on their visit which will have feedback on your delivery and assessment processes. The report has a number of questions relating to the delivery of NCFE qualifications. Your EQA may recommend that you create a course file to contain all the relevant documentation and evidence you’ll need when they visit. The documents and guidance on this page will show you what kinds of things you could include in a course file.

Please be aware that this is for guidance only; it isn’t mandatory that you include everything here. You may wish to adapt the documents to fit with your centre’s own way of working. This is intended to demonstrate what basic documents could be included in the course file and what NCFE EQAs will look for to ensure you have appropriate arrangements in place to deliver and assess our qualifications. It may be that you have other documents depending on the internal processes in your centre and the qualifications you’re delivering.

If you need any advice on how to use any of these documents, please contact your EQA or speak to the External Quality Assurance team.

1. Course Management File Documentation

These documents will support with course management and set up.

2. Course Delivery File Documentation

These documents will support with course delivery.

3. Assessor Documentation

These documents will support Assessors with their role.

4. Internal Quality Assurance Documentation

These documents will support Internal Quality Assurers (IQAs) in their role.


Endorsement of Third Party Resources

Any organisation can develop learning resources to support NCFE qualifications and/or unit(s) and have them reviewed and endorsed by NCFE. 

What does endorsed mean?

Endorsed learning resources have been reviewed by NCFE and we’ve provided formal sign off and confirmation that they meet the endorsement criteria (see NCFE’s Policy for the Endorsement of Third Party Resources) of the associated NCFE qualification/unit(s).  By using the endorsed learning resources, Learners will therefore be given the opportunity to achieve the requirements of the qualification/unit(s).

Our subject expert reviewer will assess whether the learning resources meet the requirements for endorsement and once done, we’ll provide feedback (where relevant) to the learning resources producer. When we’re happy that the endorsement criteria has been met, and when all feedback has been addressed, we’ll confirm that they’ve been endorsed by NCFE.

Because they are endorsed, NCFE may advertise the learning resources in our publications, on our website, at NCFE events and we will allow the producer of the resources to use the NCFE endorsed logo in association with them. The endorsement only relates to the approved version of the learning resources and if any changes are made, NCFE will need to review them again.

If you would like more information about endorsement, please contact us at [email protected]

[icon]NCFE Endorsement Policy

This is our policy for the endorsement of third party resources.