Endorsement of Third Party Resources

Process for learning resources endorsement

Any organisation can develop learning resources to support NCFE qualifications and/or unit(s) and have them reviewed and endorsed by NCFE. 

What does endorsed mean?

Endorsed learning resources have been reviewed by NCFE and we’ve provided formal sign off and confirmation that they meet the endorsement criteria (see NCFE’s Policy for the Endorsement of Third Party Resources) of the associated NCFE qualification/unit(s).  By using the endorsed learning resources, Learners will therefore be given the opportunity to achieve the requirements of the qualification/unit(s).

Our subject expert reviewer will assess whether the learning resources meet the requirements for endorsement and once done, we’ll provide feedback (where relevant) to the learning resources producer. When we’re happy that the endorsement criteria has been met, and when all feedback has been addressed, we’ll confirm that they’ve been endorsed by NCFE.

Because they are endorsed, NCFE may advertise the learning resources in our publications, on our website, at NCFE events and we will allow the producer of the resources to use the NCFE endorsed logo in association with them. The endorsement only relates to the approved version of the learning resources and if any changes are made, NCFE will need to review them again.

If you would like more information about endorsement, please contact us at [email protected]

[icon]NCFE Endorsement Policy

This is our policy for the endorsement of third party resources.