NCFE Digital Books

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NCFE's Digital Books are designed to enhance your Study Programme delivery and bring learning to life. This suite of immersive digital support materials are filled with interactive content including games, quizzes and videos.

The Digital Books are currently available for NCFE Level 2 substantial qualifications in Business, Uniformed Services and Sport. They can be downloaded through the Apple iBooks Store and accessed by learners via an iPad, iMac or Mac book on the go, in the classroom, or at home.

Sport  Sport Ibook

Participating in sport (M/505/9936)

Anatomy and physiology for exercise (R/505/9959)

Introduction to healthy exercise and nutrition (M/505/9970)

Outdoor and adventurous activities (T/505/9940)

Developing sporting skills and tactical awareness (D/505/9981)

Sports coaching (T/505/9937)

Leading an outdoor activity session (R/505/9945)

Understanding business in sport (H/505/9948)

Preparing to work in the sport and leisure industry (Y/505/9977)

Skills for Business Sfb Ibook

Business culture and responsibilities (K/505/9689)

Deliver customer service in a business environment (M/505/9693)

Produce documents in a business environment (A/505/9695)

Solve problems in a business environment (L/505/9698)

Work with others in a business environment (F/505/9701)

Communicate in a business environment (D/505/9690)

Contribute to running a project (J/505/9697)

Innovation in a business environment (A/505/9700)

Manage and improve own performance in a business environment (R/505/9704)

Respond to change in a business environment (Y/505/9705)

Uniformed Services Un Ser Ibook

Develop team working and problem solving skills (T/505/9131)

Exploring equality and diversity for the uniformed services (D/505/9138)

Follow uniformed service routine (F/505/9133)

Health and hygiene in the uniformed services (R/505/9136)

Health and safety in the uniformed services (Y/505/9137)

Investigate employment in the uniformed services (H/505/9139)

Physical fitness for the uniformed services (J/505/9134)